Insider’s Guide to Modern Handles with Windsor Architectural Hardware

  • We’ve curated a collection of contemporary door handles from Windsor Architectural Hardware, each of which captures a clean-lined aesthetic for a sophisticated final touch throughout the home.

    Hardware can be a small yet impactful addition to an interior scheme and provide both form and function in equal measure, which is why choosing a modern-shaped door handle can lend a sense of architectural detail and refinement to a space through a sophisticated silhouette.

    We’ve selected six, sleek door levers from Windsor Architectural Handles that feature simple, natural lines and offer a minimalist look for an elevated, finishing touch to the home.

    Sharing some key common characteristics, architecturally designed door handles come in a variety of unique designs, materials, and finishes that can complement the style of a home.

    Modern door levers typically feature clean, simple lines that follow the natural curve of the hand and offer a minimalist, streamlined look. Crafted from high-quality materials and textures such as matte black or burnished brass, these door levers work to complement the overall aesthetic of a home and help to build a cohesive look. Whilst most of these handles are sleek and simplified, some feature more intricate detailing such as knurling, which adds both visual interest and tactility to evoke a modern, industrial elegance. 

    From the simple backplate and textural diamond-cut knurled lever of the NIDO Lumina to the solid-brass and hand-finished tapered curves of the Villa Oval door handle, a modern door lever can ultimately elevate the overall design scheme of a home to make a lasting first impression.

    Produced in partnership with Windsor Architectural Hardware.

    The Charleston round rose lever set in matte white | from Windsor Architectural Hardware

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