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  • Marenco Sofa by Arflex at Poliform

    Is it something in the Chianti that makes Italians such masters of all things beautiful? Either way, Arflex is an Italian design force not to be reckoned with. Oozing that statement Italian style, this powerhouse founded in Pirelli is famed for its experimentation with new materials, innovative design and collaborative relationships with iconic designers over the years.

    Established on a philosophy where technology and aesthetics converge, a design was always (and still is) lead by research and exploration. Earning itself numerous awards and recognition Arflex’s pieces have made their way into museum collections across the world. Just as prominent today as they were seventy years ago, Arflex are celebrating new design partnerships and the release of a contemporary collection of covetable icons. We’ve rounded up a selection of seductive new icons that we think encapsulate all that is good and great about Arflex. Viva Italia!

    Produced in partnership with Space Furniture 

    Founded in 1947 by a group of Italian technicians, Arflex began experimenting with new materials and technologies. Italy was in the throes of massive reconstruction and Arflex soon jumped at the chance to create cutting-edge, modern furniture for a new post-war generation. Today, Arflex continues to collaborate with notable, daring and sometimes radical designers on collections that continue this journey. Take its decade-long partnership with Claesson Koivisto Rune (CKR) for example. Standout CKR designs have included commemorated classics like the compact Ponti desk, Hug chair collection and Claudine sofa. Fresh collaborations with CKR have resulted in some new could-be-classics including our favourites the ‘his and hers’ rounded Jules and Jim chairs and cloud-like Japanese inspired Bonsai sofa -bellissimo!

    Arflex’s ongoing collaborations are proof of how strong their timeless, pioneering spirit remains.  A recent alliance with renowned Spanish maverick Jaime Hayon (who needs little introduction) resulted in some exciting designs that challenge cultural expectations and blur the line between art, decoration and design – just take one look at his theatrical and architectural Arcolor tables and modular sofa and we bet you’ll agree.

    Bonsai Sofa:

    The beautiful Bonsai seating collection is inspired by reflections upon Japanese aesthetics and culture. We love how the seats are characterised by soft, cloud-like forms which creates an inviting shape reminiscent of a cultivated Japanese landscaped garden.

    Jules and Jim Armchairs:

    Named after the famous French movie by Francois Truffaut, Jules and Jim are two easy ultra-comfortable chairs. Jules is more petit and Jim is slightly larger, but although different in size, they both share a round geometry and are easily customisable, which makes them easy to place into any architectural context.

    Marenco Armchair and Sofa:

    Designed by Italian Mario Marenco in 1970, the Marenco Armchair and sofa features a revolutionary assembly system. The cushions are simply put into a metal tubular frame which creates rigidity and resistance when the seat is used. We think its distinctive design makes this a true statement piece.

    Arcolour Sofa:

    To develop the new Arcolor sofa for Arflex, Jaime Hayon wanted to create a modular system designed around the classical geometry of the arch. While many modular systems today can be square in appearance, we think Hayon has done a brilliant job applying the humble arch to create something more organic in shape.

    Explore these pieces plus our est favourites on the Product Library here.

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