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Veermakers Strict Bar Stool

 Custom dining table and Nikari Elm dining chairs.

North American architecture firm Olson Kundig and Swedish studio Liljencrantz Design collaborate on a client’s ‘second home’ on Stockholm’s archipelago.

Dalarö is an island in the southern part of Stockholm’s archipelago, known for its well-preserved history and environment. This rocky, mountainous coastline was where Olson Kundig were asked to design a Scandinavian retreat for an American couple who frequently visited Sweden in the warmer months. Enlisting Liljencrantz Design to collaborate on the interiors, designer Louise Liljencrantz describes the result as a “world where the client’s simple and sparing aesthetic has been realised, inspired by nature and the location”.

The kitchen features a silver travertine island with Veermakers Strict bar stools and the Emily ‘Group of Five’ light by Daniel Becker Studio above. The kitchen joinery is composed of oxidised steel and burnt oak, and the tapware is from Dornbracht.

The living, kitchen and dining area takes in front-row views of the water.

In the late 1800s, Dalarö became popular with Stockholm’s high society, and creatives have been known to have spent their summers there ever since. Most notably, Swedish playwright, novelist and artist August Strindberg lived in a guesthouse on the island for a few summers, where he painted some of his most recognised works. This guesthouse, now known as the Strindberg Cottage, happened to also be located on the rocky waterfront site where the new home was to be built. A dialogue with the heritage red guesthouse was imperative, which Olson Kundig brought through in the red entrance to the home as a way of connecting the two buildings. 

Taking cues from the heritage guesthouse and surrounding landscape, Olson Kundig and Liljencrantz Design designed the home with a reverence for nature. Beyond the framed views of the water and openness to the outdoors, the ‘House of Nature’ integrates the environment into the design through warm, natural materials, ‘masculine lines’ and pared-down interiors. “This approach aims to provide a sensory experience that allows you to connect with the surroundings on a deeper level,” Louise says.

&Tradition Little Petra Lounge Chair
Maxalto Simpliciter Sofa

The living space features Maxalto Simpliciter sofas, the &Tradition Little Petra chair by Viggo Boesen, a custom walnut coffee table, Haslev Bridge lamp with Le Klint shade, Veermakers table lamp and Knutmattor rug.

A custom desk, Ritzwell Rivage easy chair by Design Atelier D.Q., Häggå rug by Kasthall and Bordslampa Klot lamp by Svenskt Tenn.

The home almost exclusively uses natural materials; timber walls, ceiling and flooring envelope the interiors, layered with travertine, steel and leather. The oak, linen and wool furnishings were also chosen to translate the surrounds. “The client desired a darker palette since they spend time there during the summer months when it’s bright around the clock,” Louise says. The deliberately neutral palette also allows natural light to take the stage. “The colours shift, and the wandering shadows make the living space itself feel alive,” the designer says. “Every hour is different from the next.”

Louise describes the home as a convergence of Scandinavian and American influences, crediting the strength of the studio’s collaboration with Olson Kundig. “It has been an honour to work with Tom Kundig and his team on this project,” Louise reflects. “Their exceptional precision and professional approach are hard to surpass, and we are very pleased with the outcome.”

The bedroom is in a private wing, where Liljencrantz Design selected tactile materials and fabrics such as linen, silk, wool, mohair, oak and leather to create a calm and quiet atmosphere. The bedroom features a custom bed, Kasthall Greta rug and Peabody wall sconces by CL Sterling & Son.

The bathroom was designed to be dark – to feel like ‘being in a cave’ with a floor-to-ceiling window. “It was important for everyone involved to bring in elements of nature into the house,” Louise says. “We wanted to invite the mountain outside within, selecting a brushed hammered stone with a chiselled surface from Salvatori.” Lighting is by Hans Verstuyft Architecten, and fixtures are by Dornbracht.

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