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    Annaleena Leino Karlsson, a talented stylist and photographer has a knack for creating ethereal images drenched in white. Annaleena’s creative aesthetic appears to be a combination of well-honed skill and natural born talent as you can see from her blog here. Est recently had the pleasure of chatting with Annaleena about her start in interior design, her minimalist style and her plans for the future…



    Tell us a little about your background. How did you get your start?

    I started my carrier in interior design by creating a blog, which quickly got a lot of visitors. The interest grew into a profession, I made good contacts within the world of interior design and started to work as a stylist. Eventually I was educated at Beckmans Akademi, because of a competition that I entered into and won.

    Your site has that perfectly clean and simple look that can be very hard to achieve – has this always been your aesthetic? How has your style evolved?

    I’m glad you like it! I’ve always appreciated the minimalistic, even though I was a bit more vintage a few years ago. But the more I’ve been working within the creative sphere, the more I’ve appreciated the serene, timeless, clean. Environments of this kind give me space and time to think.


    You take photos, you style, you are clearly multi-talented? Can you give us any insight on your process?

    Thank you for your kind words. Well….photographing and styling at the same time has its benefits. But also disadvantages. It’s like working double, which demands a lot of energy. But what I love about being the photographer as well as the stylist in my projects is that I get full control over the creative process. Since I am detail-oriented, I prefer being involved in the smallest detail.

    What do you love about living in your city and can you share any insiders secrets on what are the best kept secrets to your city of Stockholm?

    I love living in Stockholm. I think it’s a very loving city. It is cosy and modern at the same time. It has calm spaces as well as places with tempo and a lot of people. Not even mentioning all the water and greenness! The best places in Stockholm are however not found in the city center. Instead, I would recommend taking a walk around Kungsholmen and enjoying a “fika” (coffee or tea with someone) and visiting small shops in Söder.



    Can you share with us the photographers or stylists that inspire you?

    I love the photographer Pia Ulin. She really has the ability to take soulful pictures. My favorite stylists are Faye Toogood, Lotta Agaton and the fashion blogger Ivania Carpio. They differ from each other in form and style, but they are all confident in their expressions. That inspires me.

    What’s next on the agenda for your career?

    In the future I’d like to create a forum, perhaps a studio, where creative and interesting collaborations can take place. I’m interested in the process of creating, and the outcome of people with different expressions and crafts coming together and getting inspired by each other.









    PHOTOGRAPHY; Annaleena Leino Karlsson

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