Wyoming House by McLean Quinlan

  • What kind of home does a designer want to live in? For the owners of this spectacular rural retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, it was simply to live amongst an extraordinary landscape. Looking out across the snowcapped peaks and vast valley of the Grand Teton National Park, the home McLean Quinlan has designed is a reflection of the rugged beauty that surrounds it.

    DESIGN McLean Quinlan | PHOTOGRAPHY Peter Cook & David Agnello

    British studio McLean Quinlan worked in close collaboration with the clients to develop the detail and feel of the house, sourcing elements from near and far to create an ageless sensibility. The traditional American settler’s homestead is referenced in the open plan, barn-like structure of the living area and the exposed local fir rafters throughout the home, while European influences are felt in the Danish Douglas fir floor and Swiss-designed glazing open-in walls.

    As you might expect, every detail in the home has been carefully considered to emphasise craftsmanship, heritage and connection to the natural landscape, from the local pebbles collected for the floor of the mud hall and spa to the timber handles designed by the owners and custom-made for the doors. Tactile elements were chosen specifically to patina with use and age, adding to the sensory experience of the home.

    While there’s no shortage of space to play with on such a remote block, the home’s proportions are refreshingly restrained, anchored by the symmetrical layout of a central breezeway, which forms the home’s main living area, and accompanied by the more private rooms adjoining this breezeway or tucked away downstairs. The larger areas are also punctuated by smaller spaces and nooks, such as the timber-encased dining nook of the kitchen. In each space, the outside vista still forms a focus, celebrating the outstanding valley views.

    In a country where scale and aesthetic often loom larger than life, this home is a powerful reminder of the connection between natural and built spaces. From the smell of timber to the breeze that can course through the house when the glass walls are slid open, this is a place where you can truly feel immersed in the natural landscape – and what a landscape to be immersed in.

    This piece originally appeared in est magazine issue 29. Read the entire magazine online here.


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