It’s not often a home contains spaces that feel completely different each time you turn the corner. The team at Decus Interiors have done just that – and they’ve done it with the charisma and consistency they are known for. Not afraid to step out of the waters and try what’s not often seen as being on “trend”, the carefully selected material palette is what caught our eye on first glimpse. Reflecting the energetic personality of the clients down to the very core, each space has a clearly defined personality and a strong identity of its own.

DESIGN Decus Interiors | PHOTOGRAPHY Felix Forest

est living decus interiors woollahra house 1

The brief was simple: ensure no two spaces are the same. Always up for a challenge, Decus took inspiration from the client’s notable outfit choices when it came to selecting the materials they would use in each room. “Every time we met the client, she was wearing a bold outfit, truly reflective of her effervescent nature, so we used this as a cue which then stimulated our own natural response. It was a truly a consultative approach”. The client’s confident personal aesthetic inspired material choices like striking patterns and bold stone textures paired with softer elements for balance.

Originality is something that Decus prides themself on. From the unique natural stone used in the bathrooms, to the interesting window treatment fabrics, every aspect of this interior exudes authenticity. Alexandra Donohoe Church says a different design aesthetic is definitely intentional. “We wholeheartedly love original design – we didn’t go into this business to copy and paste. It’s not how we work, it’s not who are we”. With the juxtaposition of interesting materials, playful colours and injection of personality throughout the home, this project demonstrates the innovative approach that sets Decus apart within the design industry – and makes for a home that truly reflects the owners’ unique style.

This piece originally appeared in est magazine issue 28. Read the entire magazine online here.

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est living decus interiors woollahra house 10
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