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  • The home of architect Jorge Soriano Lázaro and his publicist wife Fátima Ateyeh in the Cabanyal district of Valencia immediately instils a sense of calm through light-filled transformative, open spaces and an inherently Mediterranean DNA.

    Light, connection and transformation are the three definitive hallmarks of Jorge’s design ethos and while he admits the most complicated thing is to design for themselves, the couple’s home is a testament to their discipline and creativity.

    A beautiful balance of fluid lines and angular forms are purposefully juxtaposed resulting in lines and shades, achieving a subtle balance that is representative of Mediterranean culture and the way the couple live.

    The intention from the outset was for the pool in the courtyard to naturally draw the eye outside and for the greenery in the home to bring the outside in. This is enhanced by uniform flooring from inside to out and through verticality, with greenery that cascades from the top floor down to the studio and on the shelves that line the stairs.

    “Light is the greatest design tool we have and is the one that helped us to develop our home .”

    – Architect Jorge Soriano Lázaro

    The house keeps a neutral colour through its main structure and composition. Colourful and more intense touches in the details change according to the couple’s mood, experience and travels, so while the appearance of the house changes with them, its essence and personality never do.

    “ There was no space delimitation as we normally understand it. It was conceived as a whole space and in line with it a natural transition between the spaces,” Jorge says.

    The transparency, sense of sharing and connecting in everything they do is key to the couple’s personality and it seamlessly weaves its way through this hidden oasis in the midst of a vibrant neighbourhood.

    This piece originally appeared in est magazine issue 35.

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