When fashion designer Lynda Newton and husband Paul first stumbled upon on old run down warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn East, it was not love at first sight. They agreed however, that they’d just discovered their next project and together with architect Gail Long of Stoll Long Architecture, they drew up plans to restore the motley old blind factory into an inviting, contemporary three bedroom home for their family.
As the designer of her own fashion company All For Kat, Lynda was of course well equipped with the skills and foresight in how to create a home using her eye for colour and texture, drawing on her experience in both interiors and product styling. A sophisticated and eclectic mix of furniture styles is the result of Lynda’s cleverly honed eye for detail in design.

Dark, poky offices and false ceilings were ripped out to expose original Oregon beams and trusses as well as allowing light to flood central living spaces. Using a monochromatic scheme as the foundation upon which the couple could layer their collection of vintage furniture and much-loved collection of art works, the dark floorboards and white walls effectively create a backdrop that is harmonious to the overall scheme.

All possible materials were salvaged during the gutting process and restored to an architectural detail in various areas throughout the home. A glass courtyard was designed to allow light to flow through the newly-designed open plan living areas as well as creating a sculptural element to the space, with three deciduous trees forming part of the interior landscape. A dark tiled pool and pool house are bound by tall hedging that wraps around the back walls of the garden and a herb garden with tomato trees are the healthy bi-product of the couple’s green thumb.

When we first met Lynda, she welcomed us into her home and we knew we’d found our warehouse home nirvana. Awe inspiring, elegant, über sophisticated and most importantly, homely. We couldn’t think of a more successful warehouse conversion. As the headquarters for All For Kat too, we couldn’t think of a more inspiring work space.

We couldn’t leave without asking Lynda to let us know if they ever felt like selling and moving onto another project…it’d be a crime not to ask!

PHOTOGRAPHY Tara Pearce | STYLING Stephanie Stamatis

Hawthorn 61 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 62 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 78 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 87 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 63 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 75 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 65 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 64 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 66 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 70 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 71 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 85 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

Hawthorn 80 | © Tara Pearce | Est Magazine

2 comments on “Warehouse Wonder | Lynda Newton

  • Well done Linda and Paul, it looks amazing, you are incredibly talented you two (although I think mainly you Linda) sorry Paul :). Love everything about it, I can smell your amazing cooking coming from out of my computer. xx

  • Modern yet warm. Perfect! I will be adding to my look book for a home I will be designing for a young couple state side.

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