Wallpaper Wonders

  • Wallpaper gets a bad rap. With a tendency to conjure up images of your grandma’s old living room or a twee kid’s space it’s hardly the first design choice that springs to mind when reimagining an interior scheme.

    Recently however, the humble wallpaper seems to be making a comeback. Led by design-savvy brands such as Murals Wallpaper in the UK, Sandberg in Sweden and Lemon in South Africa, these designs are closer to installing artwork than slapping some pattern on a wall. From floaty watercolour tones to striking marble and mosaic designs, digital printing has changed the game for contemporary wallpaper.

    While the new class of wallpaper choices seems endless, we’re taking classical cues with a selection to suit a conceptual or relaxed aesthetic, sure to add style without overwhelming existing design choices.

    Bronze Cracked Marble Wallpaper | Murals Wallpaper
    Holy Granite Wallpaper by Nothing Can Go Wrong | Photowall
    Skal Grey Wallpaper designed by Karolina Kroon | Sandberg
    Deep Blue Clouded Marble Wall Mural | Murals Wallpaper
    Gryning Purple Wallpaper designed by Sissa Sundling | Sandberg
    Watercolour Blue by LEMON | Photowall
    Piet Boon Washi Grey | Wallpaper Decor
    Red Grunge Watercolour Paint | Murals Wallpaper
    Callidus Guild Custom Wallpaper

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