Villa Apollon by Block 722

  • We retreat to Villa Apollon on the Greek island of Lefkada, designed by local architects Block 722.

    Block 722 was founded by architect Sotiris Tsergas and interior designer Katja Margaritoglou, defined by the unique fusion of their Greek and Scandinavian heritage. Their approach is evident in each project the Athens-based team undertakes, where traditional building materials are met with present-day functionality and a subtle Nordic design sensibility. The design firm have recently applied this signature approach to Villa Apollon. Named after the ancient Greek God of light, Villa Apollon is informed by the light, the sea and the Greek island’s spectacular sunsets.

    Lefkada is situated on Greece’s west coast and is easily accessible from the mainland via the Lefkada bridge. The Ionian island is known for its dense forest, waterfalls, historic castles and hiking paths, suited to both the adventure-seeker and those looking for a relaxing Greek island getaway.

    Described by the architects as ‘majestic yet humble’, Villa Apollon sits nestled in Lefkada’s rugged hillside of Vasiliki bay and is almost entirely hidden from view. The low-lying, single-storey home is accessed at the rear, revealing views of the cliffs and crystal clear waters immediately upon entry. Three bedrooms, bathrooms and a combined living, dining and kitchen make up the main house, with a further four bedrooms and ensuites in the guest house below.

    To combat the challenging steep site, Block 722 built part of the villa into the earth. Each space invites the landscape in, opening up to unobstructed seaside views of the mountainous surroundings. A prominent material palette of stone, brushwood and timber imbues the home with warmth, specified for their ties to the region’s traditional architecture and topography.

    Block 722 has respectfully translated the natural surroundings into a serene holiday home, embracing the sun and the sea both inside and out.

    Views of the cliffs and crystal clear waters are revealed upon entry.

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