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  • Athens-based design studio Block722 have realised a private family retreat in Syros, Greece, that cleverly draws on the topography and architecture of the Greek islands. The home sits perched on a rocky cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, mimicking its surroundings through minimalist forms and natural materials. Exploring a generosity of space, bespoke details and spectacular views, the design typifies the region’s slow, outdoor-focused lifestyle.

    The brief was to design a home consistent with Syros architecture with unique elements indicative of Block722’s style. The owners, a family of four, were inspired by the studio’s past works on Syros, particularly their use of low-lying, right-angle volumes and their ability to connect buildings to the landscape. The family were also after a place to host friends and family, and hence, Block722’s experience in crafting spaces for entertaining was invaluable. “Generous, yet modest and calming” was how they described their ideal home.

    The result is a collection of rectangular shapes arranged around a network of pathways that connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Spreading the home across different levels also managed the site’s steep incline, with the advantage of permitting views from multiple positions.

    The main house consists of the primary bedroom and ensuite, a second bedroom, and an open-plan living space. Connected to this part of the house are two individual guest bedrooms and ensuites, which offer privacy without feeling excluded. A central outdoor courtyard brings everything together and connects to the pool and terrace; here, residents can enjoy uninterrupted views towards the horizon. 

    The combination of natural stone, wood and plaster – a palette characteristic of Block722 projects – makes the building appear “at home within the arrant Greek landscape,” Block 722 co-founder Sotiris Tsergas says. A garden of native species further accentuates this feeling; Block 722 have even gone to the length of creating rooftop gardens to establish a natural continuation between the cliff and built forms.

    Timber window shutters pay homage to traditional Greek Island homes.

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