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  • A retreat-like home in LA’s Venice beach captures the essence of its art-loving region and its owners.

    Upon entering this Los Angeles home, one could assume they’ve stepped inside a wellness retreat. The great boundary walls and extensive, lush gardens are testament to this, as are the detached building structures – knitted together via meandering architectural private passageways.


    This feature originally appeared in est Magazine Issue 47: Creative State of Mind (pp 22-41)

    Located in the heart of Venice Beach, a destination chosen for its deep-seated history in the arts, Venice Residence offers a quiet refuge away from the exuberance found nearby. Drawing inspiration from the client’s extensive travels and fondness for hacienda-style homes, Los Angeles-based architectural firm Electric Bowery conceptualised a Mexican-inspired, family-friendly compound on the oversized block. The home’s format is conducive to the homeowner’s desire to seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces as they move through an average day.

    Electric Bowery set out to establish a combination of open areas and urban energy – creating a striking balance between inside and out. Limestone and vein-cut travertine embrace exterior buildings and paving, punctuated by towering black steel-framed doors. “Our favourite room is the open-plan kitchen and living space. It’s the home’s soul and where most social living occurs. The vaulted ceilings and 10-foot-tall steel doors flood the space with natural light, yet evoke a moody drama reflecting the bold spirit of our creative clients,” Electric Bowery principal Lucia Bartholomew explains.

    “The home was not designed as a traditional family home, as our clients are a couple, but rather a large one-bedroom dwelling with an open-plan living and media room. There’s also a large secondary structure to house overnight guests or indulge the owner’s fondness for art, yoga and meditation.”

    Expansive steel doors throughout the home thoughtfully frame the verdant garden within the compound.

    Internally, subtle elements, including a leather-wrapped kitchen bench, introduce warmth and texture, embracing wabi-sabi transience and imperfection. “The added texture of the island becomes more like furniture with a handcrafted quality and softness balancing the metal chairs and lighting,” Lucia says. Warm white plaster walls are punctuated with a palette of soft pinks, navy, scarlet and unexpected turquoise – reminiscent of Latin American design. Apparatus wall sconces and pendant lighting add unexpected sculptural design elements and practicality.

    “The composition of built-in handcrafted elements combine with materials defined by rich natural texture. While the result is a bright and airy home, there’s still depth and richness woven into every element of the space,” she says.

    “The composition of handcrafted built-in elements combine with materials defined by rich natural texture.”


    – Electric Bowery Principal Lucia Bartholomew

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