First Look | Viabizzuno’s Immersive Australian Showrooms

  • A reflection of their lighting-led philosophies, we take an exclusive look at Viabizzuno‘s re-designed Australian showroom spaces, both of which have opened in conjunction with their latest immersive experience; LightLab.

    VBO Australia and New Zealand director John Bechini speaks with est about the creative approach behind the newly designed Melbourne and Sydney showroom spaces and their recently opened LightLab installations. Join us as we illuminate the philosophy, process and design details that make these spaces exclusive to Viabizzuno’s inherently Italian architectural foundation.

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    Creating a moment for contemplation within the Sydney showroom, this collection of Henry Timi HT105 chairs offers a solid, structural focal point on the floor. Above, an elegant De Ma light casts a delicate glow.

    The Sydney showroom juxtaposes a contemporary and streamlined kitchen with the organically shaped Viabizzuno C2 Annelli pendant.

    The original maestro of light, Mario Nanni is the forward-thinking founder behind Italian-based Viabizzuno, a globally recognised architectural lighting firm that proudly designs and manufactures its state-of-the-art products in Italy. Mario Nanni firmly believes that “architecture is a projection of light,” and all too often, light is a corrective measure to hide or improve something that has already taken shape. “Light is a fundamental part of the architecture, so it is essential to design the right light,” Mario says. Viabizzuno honours its Italian craftsmanship, which is backed by precision-based research. “In 1994, I founded Viabizzuno, as I felt there wasn’t a company in the world that, rather than dealing mainly with design, wanted to put lighting first and treat it as a key element of the architecture,” Mario says.

    It was only natural when Viabizzuno’s Melbourne and Sydney showrooms required a complete design overhaul and relocation that the Viabizzuno team wanted to pay tribute to these fundamental lighting ideologies. Playing a vital role in the final design solutions, the showrooms follow Viabizzuno’s ‘Light Lab’ concept, whereby clients are encouraged to experience and play with lighting. “We want our visitors to see light as an essential ingredient to design – not only something utilitarian. We want them to discover how to use light to enhance their architecture, interior spaces and comfort within a space,” John Bechini explains.

    An oversized, modular HT211 sofa by HENRYTIMI softens the otherwise architectural space of the Sydney showroom, while the adjustable Viabizzuno Anselmo floor lamp adds a touch of playfulness.

    Viabizzuno’s Sydney Showroom

    Alongside John and his local team (who helped lead product placements and the technicalities of each space), the showrooms were designed by Mario Nanni himself. He designs all of the Viabizzuno spaces worldwide. Sydney’s new space is representative of its unique cultural character and showcases luxurious Travertine floors alongside a sleek black and stainless-steel kitchen which was installed to mirror the Milan flagship. Melbourne features industrial polished concrete floors, and both spaces exhibit gallery-esque white walls, allowing the lighting collections to become true luminaries.

    “Walking into the showrooms, you are immersed in the decorative elements, featuring classics such as Da Ma Light, the Royal Chandelier, the Coppibartarli and the much-loved Roy collection. However, as you move through the space you reach the technical zones featuring our architectural collections and technical fittings which inform part of the LightLab,” John says.

    Viabizzuno’s Sydney Showroom

    A small De Ma light pendant makes a luxurious statement against the raw stone inside the entry space of the Melbourne Viabizzuno showroom.

    Viabizzuno’s Candela Di Val’s pendant, Econo track light and n55 Soffitto lights are some of the standout pieces showcased in the Melbourne showroom.

    The LightLab concept was designed to allow clients to play with light, see its effects, and understand how lighting can change a space, create mood, and transform how a person interacts within a space. “We’re finding that it’s not only designers and architects but also end-users who are placing more importance on lighting and want to understand through firsthand experiences its countless possibilities,” John says.

    A fully immersive concept appealing to the senses, LightLab was designed by Mario Nanni, born from an ambition to continue experimenting and redefining the boundaries of what lighting is capable of. At both Australian Viabizzuno showrooms, visitors are encouraged to interact with light and experience it in a way that no other showroom allows visitors to do. “Our LightLab space is the perfect place to see the total impact of a particular light or build a light fitting such as our n55 system – which has become such a popular and influential part of our range,” John says.

    Viabizzuno’s Melbourne and Sydney showroom spaces offer a world-class retail experience like no other, a tribute to their innovative work, ideals, Italian craftsmanship and poetry.

    The iconic Coppibartali light with its customisable brass chain system captures attention within the Viabizzuno Melbourne Showroom.

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