Via Porta Eatery and Deli by Studio Esteta

  • Via Porta by Studio Esteta

    Viva l’Italia! Experience Melbourne’s latest culinary treat, Via Porta Eatery and Deli by Studio Esteta; the fruit of four siblings and their proud Italian heritage.

    Studio Esteta director Sarah Cosentino and her three siblings Simon, Ryan and Jonathon, have brought a nostalgic taste of Italy to Melbourne’s Mont Albert. Reminiscent of the narrow streets of Southern Italy, their Via Porta Eatery and Deli reflects on family childhood memories with their Nonna, mastering authentic Italian dishes.

    Paying homage to this ritual, Via Porta Eatery and Deli (soon to be restaurant) is an extension of the traditional Italian family kitchen and pantry. Located in the neighbourhood where Sarah and her siblings grew up, Via Porta Eatery and Deli is full to the brim with locally-sourced and imported cold meats, cheeses and artisanal foods, take-home meals and house-made condiments. Engrained with a love of food and family, this is a culinary experience is not just for the eyes and palate, but a homely space for the heart and soul. 

    Via Porta by Studio Esteta
    Via Porta by Studio Esteta

    It would seem only inevitable four siblings – two top-tier chefs, a hospitality aficionado and a leading interior designer – would convene to create a unique foodie hub like Via Porta Eatery and Deli. Together chefs Simon and Ryan and front-of-house expert Jonathon were their sister Sarah’s client, who was tasked with a design response that brought their Italian roots to life. 

    Via Porta Eatery and Deli has a versatile layout, welcoming patrons to the eatery dining area and transitioning gently into the deli retail offering. An upstairs dining room caters for general dining and private events, complete with a ‘Juliette’ balcony. 

    Via Porta by Studio Esteta
    Via Porta by Studio Esteta

    Sarah and the Studio Esteta team took inspiration from the abundance culture and texture in quaint Italian alleyways, layering Via Porta Eatery and Deli in rich, refined detail. The eatery and deli combines a modern take on classic Italian colours, with tactile and honest finishes and traditional craftsmanship methods. A textural limestone counter houses the deli, in the company of olive-green upholstered seating, Thonet bar stools and dining chairs, timber joinery and striking crazy paving.

    The crazy paving is made from earthy-toned offcuts, described by Sarah as a ‘non-negotiable design statement’ and ‘hero’ of the project. An olive tree is another quintessential touch to Via Porta Eatery and Deli, alongside the Synesso coffee machine. Yet perhaps the most sentimental layer is the Cosentino vintage family photographs, featured among a curated selection of art.

    Two years in the making, Via Porta Eatery and Deli is an exciting new landmark for Mont Albert and legacy for one very talented Italian family. 

    Via Porta by Studio Esteta
    Via Porta by Studio Esteta

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