Vernon Apartment

  • It’s hardly breaking news that the minimalist aesthetic has been experiencing a resurgence. But amongst the sheer volume of minimalist projects out here, what stands out about this home is the way AP Design House has taken minimalism and put their own slightly eccentric and very innovative spin on it. We think you’ll agree that their latest project,  Vernon Apartment, is a unique study in volume and an exploration of pure geometry.

    Based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, AP Design Houses’ minimal, curated and tactile aesthetic is unmistakable across their portfolio of residential and commercial projects. With an eagle eye for contemporary elegance, founder and principal interior designer Alexandra Ponting has a sophisticated and often minimal style that aims to blur the line between comfort and beauty. As with every project, the studio’s intent remains the same; curate, educate and enrich. A design motto which beautifully captures the Vernon Apartment in all its sculptural glory.

    DESIGN: AP Design House | PHOTOGRAPHY: Felix Forest

    Reminiscent of a cavernous European villa, a white canvas covers the floor to the ceiling and reflects an airy feel. Establishing the perfect blank canvas to work from, these purposefully white-painted walls run throughout the home, creating calm and providing a sanctuary of open spaciousness.

    Layered on top of this are varying shades of white that share company with paler tones of grey and creamy beige. Without sounding too ‘vanilla’ it’s the irregular surfaces that really build the drama here. Take the custom moulded shelving and dimpled ceramic tiles in the bathroom for example, or the organic use of concrete that features heavily throughout, adding both texture and fluidity and implying a strong element of craftsmanship and design.

    “The inspirational muse for the renovation of this apartment’s bathrooms and master suite was a luxurious Grecian villa.”

    – AP Design House

    Throughout the apartment, there’s strong sense of play on light and use of tactile materials. We love the quirky addition of the ‘Juncos’ recessed downlights designed by Flos Soft-Architecture that can be cunningly tilted to direct each beam of light to create just the right artistic composition. The Souda ‘Kreten’ bathroom side table by Isaac Friedman- Heiman is another playful touch and lends an imaginative and artistic form to the space. However, the atmosphere gently shifts once you step into the bedroom, as the natural bedlinen in crumpled duck egg, oceanic blues and clay tones complement the clean palette and give off an earthy and relaxed warmth.

    While the Vernon Apartment may be an interrogation of materials and volumes resulting in extraordinary sculptural pieces, there’s no denying that these voluptuous curves are almost Gaudi like with their distinctive organic forms seemingly derived straight from nature.  All-in-all it’s a beautiful mix of shapes which has been all the more reinforced by a thoughtful colour palette.

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