Under the Australian Sun

    • With summer in full swing more smart Australian homeowners have started thinking of eco-conscious ways to make use of the long, hot sunny days (besides lounging poolside). We explore the latest design-worthy solar tile system by Brickworks.

      Fortunately, the design world has continued on its green mission to streamline building products and technology that can offer us an aesthetically sleek solar system – even in the suburbs. In short, harnessing the power of the Australian sun has taken an innovative and stylish step forward.

      One company quietly dominating this Australian field is Brickworks. Australian owned and run and one of our nation’s leading providers of building products, its expertise now stretches past concrete pavers, porcelain and masonry to include state-of-art, design-worthy solar roof tiles.

      We take a closer look at the unique craftsmanship behind Brickworks’ latest collection of specialised tiles making its Australian debut.

      Home by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick

      A far cry from the original black, shiny solar panels of recent years, the latest solar roof tiles by Bristile Roofing are not only subtle and stylish they are even more sustainable than before. Made from tempered glass and available in either ceramic or concrete roof tiles, each style is designed to offer a more attractive way to add solar technology to our homes by cleverly disguising the cells through a coloured film.

      Casting shade over other home solar systems, Bristile’s ingenious and energy efficient tiles make it even more accessible for us to make an important contribution to a more sustainable Australian future. Not to mention we can simultaneously add value to our own homes by creating our very own energy supply – saving us all some serious coin along the way.

      Brickworks | Bristile Solar Tile System

      The best part is it can all be managed from the touch of an iPhone. A hi-tech monitoring system shows your individual power generation and usage while optimising the system for peak performance through sophisticated algorithms that track the Australian weather data, your family’s usage patterns and local electricity pricing. Together, these components offer an advanced solar roofing system tailored to suit your home, energy needs and budget, meaning more power to the Australian people.

      Sophisticated and streamlined, Brickworks’ latest solar tile brand Bristile Roofing has successfully integrated sustainability through a design lens. The future of building an eco-friendly Australian home is bright. 

      Explore the full Bristile Roofing collection through Brickworks here. 

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