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  • Casa Tiny is, in some ways, exactly as it sounds – a small house – and yet this is a building with a spirit that belies its compact footprint. A solid and secure concrete abode with room just enough for two, Casa Tiny is a very particular sort of retreat, providing guests with all that they need while challenging the excess comforts they are used to wanting. Singles and couples come here to escape the rat race and reconnect with nature in solitude – and after a few hours of doing this, it’s easy to see that Casa Tiny is so much more than a well-timed nod to the popular tiny house movement.

    DESIGN Aranza de Ariño | PHOTOGRAPHY Casa Tiny

    A stone’s throw from the lapping waves of Puerto Escondido on Mexico’s Oaxacan coast, Casa Tiny is about as unstereotypical a beach house as you could muster. You won’t find any weatherboard or Hamptons-esque white and blue hues, and there is an overwhelming lack of soft furnishings, because this beach house has been designed to take its guests back to basics.

    As one of the first buildings architect Aranza de Ariño has constructed, Casa Tiny’s design was inspired by American author Henry David Thoreau’s 19th century novel, Walden, which follows Thoreau’s experience of living in a self-built cabin in the woods over a two year period. Just like Thoreau’s stint of self-sufficient solitude, de Ariño built Casa Tiny as a way to get back to the romantic ideal of simple living in natural surroundings.

    It will provide comfortable shelter, and a means to cook, bathe, and sleep, but you won’t find WIFI, a TV, or a plush sofa in sight. If you’re looking for a way to spend your hours at Casa Tiny, the building seems to say, “Do so outside”. Its minimalist, no-frills design encourages you out into the beautiful natural environment, rather than holed up inside relying on the creature comforts of 21st century living. Although, there is an in-ground swimming pool for dwellers to enjoy a splash-around, a private beach a short stroll away, and both Casa Wabi artist residency and Hotel Escondido are nearby for those not 100% ready to commit to the simple life.

    Casa Tiny has been constructed almost entirely out of concrete ensuring the tiny house will withstand the elements, and it is simply a beautiful piece of modern architecture. Even the dining table is concrete, and it runs continuously from the kitchen to one of the two terraces, encouraging guests to cook up a storm, throw open the shutters and dine alfresco. Its modern design is rigid and almost brutalist in style, but its steep gabled roof gives the house a touch of the traditional, while the native Parota wooden accents reflect the natural environment and create a sense of warmth.

    In Casa Tiny, you might find a home away from home ­­and a place to once again be present and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. And if you’ve spent years tirelessly working 9 to 5, only to wind up feeling disconnected and lost, in Casa Tiny you might even find yourself again.

    At Casa Tiny, you can relish the hours by sinking into the hammock with your favourite book, or exploring the shores of Puerto Escondido. But whatever you choose to do, there’s a high chance it will involve reflection, contemplation and above all, relaxation.

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  1. I am always so inspired by Est living. You showcase only the most beautiful spaces and places, i always know when i get your emails that there will be something delightful to whileaway the hours. Thanks for bringing inspiration to my mailbox. Love your work!

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely note Jessica, that means the world to our team here at est. Hope we continue to bring inspiration to your inbox!

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