Timeless Advice for Picking the Perfect Paint

    • From colour to finish, our choice of paint can have a lasting impact on our homes. We sit down with Porter’s Paints to discover how paint can shape a mood, be a foil for modern life and provide the ideal canvas for timeless style.

      When we endeavour to bring new life to a space, it’s often through clever flourishes of texture, colour and light that we hope to yield results. These elements are essential ingredients in building a desired mood or look. But before we dive into furnishings or fixtures, it’s prudent to first consider how paint – from colour to finish and all nuance in between – can affect the lasting appeal of our homes.  After all, if our homes are our works of art, then our walls act as the canvas.

      To gain more insight into the powerful role that paint and colour can have in our homes, we catch up with Sarah Geha, brand manager for Porter’s Paints. From choosing the right finish for a room to finding the elusive perfect shade of white, Sarah reveals how to select a paint that stands the test of time.

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      The Influence of Colour

      Perhaps more than any other tool in our design arsenal, colour is the most potent in evoking a mood or energy. Having spent over three decades designing colours for our homes, Porter’s Paints is well-versed in the connection between the right shade of paint and a palpable atmosphere. “There is a direct link between the myriad potential reactions and emotions we can feel in response to colour and light. Colour can create energy, provide a sense of calm or evoke warmth and comfort,” Sarah says.

      Here at est, we are traditionally drawn to shades that soothe and diffuse. In addition to the classic stalwarts of eggshell and soft grey, the use of inky green and “fugitive blues” – those that evade a strict category, as Sarah explains – are particularly effective in transforming a mood. “Shades that leave you contemplating whether they are Blue or Green, Grey or Teal, Prussian Blue or Black; these blues are tricky and mysterious, morphing in different lights to create wonderful mood shifts,” Sarah explains.

      Porter’s Paints are known for their unrivalled colour choice and original approach. Sarah reveals her current favourites for a softer effect are Double Hailstorm, Newport Blue and Moorehen, with Black Blue, Obsidian and Gulf Stream equally appealing for a more dynamic impact.

      Another important consideration in selecting the right colour for a space is the abundance of light on offer. “We recommend always sampling a paint colour on a patch of wall in the room you want it to ultimately be applied,” Sarah suggests. “The lighting in every space is unique and will impact the way a colour reads.”

      The Importance of Finish

      It’s easy to underestimate, but the finish of a particular paint can have a pronounced effect on the final look of a space. The right paint finish, Sarah explains, sets the tone and brings features to the forefront, offsetting artworks and furnishings. Whether rich and sophisticated or hard-working and subtle, finishes can inject ambiance or provide the perfect complement to everyday life.

      “Our Ultra Flat finish is the most matte of our premium acrylics range and is designed to give a long-lasting and dignified finish. The result means superior coverage and a beautiful depth of colour,” Sarah explains. “The flatter the finish, the more intense the colour saturation. As you increase the sheen level of a finish, the energy of a space can be lifted as the amount of light reflection increases,” she continues.

      Salt Wattle by Porter’s Paints
      Soft shades work well to add space in small areas, like this laundry by Decus Interiors

      Painting for Life

      As with any major design decision, choosing the right paint means considering how it will integrate with its environment. From stains to scratches, it’s no secret that the walls of any home are subject to varying degrees of impact. The right paint will do more than just evoke and adorn, as Sarah explains. A good paint can also provide a robust foil for surface imperfections.

      The higher a paint’s sheen, the more durable it becomes. For rooms with high-activity, such as the kitchen, it’s important to consider how our choice of paint will endure. This is where Porter’s Paints’ Eggshell Acrylic can be highly effective – a high quality, water-based paint – in resisting marks and hiding imperfections due to its subtle, natural lustre. “Our Eggshell Acrylic provides just the right amount of sheen to create a matte finish that softens reflected light and glare. This results in beautifully translated colour while remaining fully washable, which makes it a versatile finish in a family home,” Sarah explains.

      It’s with no surprise that we look to the eternal appeal of white as the ultimate backdrop for an evolving home, with Sarah pointing to the crisp clarity of Porter’s Popcorn hue as an ideal shade for timeless style.

      After taking a closer look into the world of paint, it’s clear that selecting the right hue can go beyond the surface to have a lasting impact.

      Discover more of Porter’s Paints in our product library or visit their website to learn more about colour customisation. 

      Double Strength Hailstorm by Porter’s Paints
      A muted green shade adds a sophisticated touch to the Lyon Apartment by Benedicte

      “There is a direct link between the myriad potential reactions and emotions we can feel in response to colour and light. Colour can create energy, provide a sense of calm or evoke warmth and comfort.”

      A soft grey shade like Cinder can work beautifully to modernise spaces like this entrance by Nune
      Don’t underestimate the enduring impact of a white shade, such as in this space by CM Studio

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