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  • Useful Arbeitsloser Jobless Sanghyeok Lee studioleesanghyeok shelf 1 Copyright Jaeuk Lee

    Design Trade Copenhagen wrapped up last week and although we watched on from afar we couldn’t help but to notice that the world’s latest design show was awash with the style and sophistication that we have all come to expect from Copenhagen. With Korean designer Sanghyeok Lee winning the 2013 Time to Design New Talent Award, for his Useful Arbeitsloser (Jobless) project, we can guarantee that Sanghyeok’s name will be the one to watch over the coming years.

    Taking his inspiration from scaffolding and its resemblance to a foreign designers life in that it is always moving, and often temporary (sounds familiar to a certain editor’s life we admit) Sanghyeok’s award winning piece is assembled just as easily as it is disassembled, using simple brass joints to hold the structure in place.

    “The brass joints symbolize the weight of life and the act of screwing the joints is a part of a life to create comfort,” Sanghyeok explains. “While life becomes heavy and our space of living gets more spacious, the furniture we have around us are getting lighter and feels more indifferent. The form and structure of Useful Arbeitsloser (Jobless) is a story of nomad, imperfect lives and furniture of the contemporaries.”

    The result is furniture that is simply poetic don’t you think?


    Useful-Arbeitsloser_Jobless_Sanghyeok_Lee_studioleesanghyeok_shelf_1_Copyright_Jaeuk Lee

    Useful-Arbeitsloser_Jobless_Sanghyeok_Lee_studioleesanghyeok_middle_shelf_Copyright_Jaeuk Lee




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