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Italy’s famous Liguria region, also known as the Italian Riviera, is home to postcard fishing villages and Mediterranean-blue waters, making it one of the most popular holiday destinations during the European summer. The concept of the vacation home in Liguria sparks an interesting discussion among local architects. While adhering to the requests of the specific clientele the region attracts, they must also consider the various issues affecting the area: namely, its rich historical context, which needs to be respected, and the often challenging-to-navigate topography of the waterfront sites.

A view of the swimming pool, which acts as a meeting point between the residences and garden.

Addressing these challenges with expertise spanning over three decades is Pasquini Tranfa architetti, who recently embarked on a significant redevelopment project along the Ruta di Camogli. The project involved restoring a 1920s villa and constructing two new independent structures; the smaller one is situated on the opposite end of the plot, while the other, almost imperceptible, is nestled into a garden terrace. The redesign envisioned a cohesive new composition, where a pool serves as the meeting point between the residences and the garden.

“The project was born from a desire to enhance the site’s inherent architectural charm and its connection to the landscape while tailoring it to modern living,” architect Laura Pasquini explains. Externally, the structures reinterpret the local vernacular through a contemporary lens, deliberately avoiding any “temptation towards the picturesque,” as Laura puts it. The incorporation of traditional elements, including slate roofs, wooden window frames, terrazzo floors and lime-treated walls, coexists with innovative features aimed at energy conservation and the utilisation of renewable resources.

Dry masonry walls, typical of the region, border unit 1.
Unit 3 with unit 1 in the background
A sun room has been incorporated into unit 1.

Every design element resonates with the landscape, particularly the sea. The three houses are strategically oriented in relation to the imposing element: the largest house spans from east to west, the smaller house aligns north to south with sea-facing windows, and the third volume seamlessly integrates into the sloping terrain, a common approach in this region.

Pasquini Tranfa architetti’s thoughtful approach to ‘Three Houses in Riviera’ exemplifies the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing how architectural expertise can enhance Liguria’s distinctive charm while embracing modern living needs.

The east terrace of unit 1 at dusk
The entrance to unit 2
The passage between the dining area and the kitchen in unit 1.
A view of the kitchen in unit 1
A view of the living area in unit 1
A view of the dining area in unit 1
View of the internal staircase and single pillar placed at the centre of the living area in unit 3.

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