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    If you’re traveling through the states from across the ditch, you might just want to take a detour to LA to visit The Line hotel. If you’re living in, or anywhere near LA, then take a couple days off, and head downtown to The Line, the exquisite addition to the Sydell Group’s rockstar roster of hotel hotspots located in Korea town in downtown LA.

    W21-The-Line-Hotel-Room-Apartment-Suite-746x533-3 The Castello Lagravinese couch above has a fantastic view of LA from one of the 22 suites

    Sean Knibb oversaw the massive redesign project of what once was 1964 The Wilshire Hotel. The interior design reflects the raw and edgy personality of downtown LA with its cool, relaxed sense of being that California has built a reputation for.



    Knibb, who had actually never designed a hotel before but had worked with renown chef Roy Choi (above) on some brick and mortar projects, pulled his design inspiration from the fresh Californian lifestyle. The result? A mix of the beach, the mountains, Latino culture, thrown in with a little surfer vibe and a dash of skateboarder edge thrown in for good measure. All wrapped up into one modern, sleek sophisticated package. Cement floors and ‘concrete look’ wall surfaces only add to the raw, modern aesthetic while creating a subtle backdrop to what otherwise be a overly eclectic bunch of stuff.


    The hotel offers 9 different styles of rooms, (some suites, most with jaw dropping views of the city), a five star restaurant called POT, and famed Poketo store. Celebrities and your regular Joe’s flock to the hotel and restaurant for the cocktails and food and there’s not much confusion as to why: Roy Choi (a celebrity in his own right) for all intents and purposes, pretty much launched the food truck movement in LA (for which locals are eternally grateful). If five-star eating isn’t your thing, the hotel is a place to see and be seen and to take in the incredible surroundings.



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