The Lavastone House

  • Clutter. It’s a word we can’t abide by, in lifestyle or in design. As the world around us seems to get busier and more connected every day, simplicity and craftsmanship become an escape from the addiction to ‘busy’ – perhaps it’s no wonder contemporary design favours a minimalist style over bombastic interior statements.

    There’s not one unnecessary design choice to be seen in the elegant Canterbury Road Residence. Eliminating distractions and concentrating on simple, naturally-inspired structures, B.E Architecture have created a family sanctuary alongside a busy street. Made up of three simple structures, the lavastone home draws influence from natural rock formations.

    DESIGN B.E Architecture

    From the outside, the rough lavastone cladding presents a strong, modernist façade. But step inside and you’ll find the design looks inward, emphasising privacy and sanctuary for the residents. With hand-laid stone walls, the entrance hallway draws you gently inside, opening up to the central levels. Mirrored glass windows create a subtle barrier from prying neighbourly eyes without losing natural light. Skylights brighten the interiors from above, while windows take in the greenery of planted courtyards tucked away throughout the home.

    The home’s structure is reinforced through a highly textural experience throughout. Each material has been highly considered for its place in the home. The lavastone used on the building is derived from a similar volcanic process as the bluestone used in the streets of Melbourne, so it stands out yet balances with the surrounding landscape. The interior spaces use render, travertine and dark timber alongside the stone throughout, brightened by an emphasis on natural lighting from the courtyards and skylights.

    While it still includes many family creature comforts, this is a home built to draw solace from within the busy modern lifestyle. Elevated through natural materials and a focus on shape and craftsmanship, this is an urban sanctuary.

    The consistent stonework of the exterior and interior is balanced with the planted courtyards within the home, adding greenery and natural light throughout. 

    In emphasising natural materials and strong form throughout the design, there is a sense of ease and space in the furnishings selected.

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