The Esplanade by Williams Burton Leopardi

  • Williams Burton Leopardi breathe new life into an award-winning residential home in a coastal suburb of inner-city Adelaide.

    Located on a sought-after strip in Adelaide, the home was originally designed in 2003 by South Australian architect Con Bastiras, with an ineffective extension added in the late 2000s by the previous owner. Through a resolved material palette that connects to the landscape, the redesign of existing volumes and inclusion of new indoor and outdoor spaces, Williams Burton Leopardi have reclaimed the original design intent of this sun-soaked family home.

    The functional kitchen features integrated appliances away from the main cooking area and the Dita Stool by Grazia&Co.

    Adjacent to the kitchen, an upholstered window seat in tanned leather offers the perfect spot to sit and take in the shimmering water.

    Residing on a corner block of the busy boulevard, it was crucial that a ‘connected but protective’ ethos remained at the forefront of Williams Burton Leopardi’s design. This would allow the new occupants to embrace the beach views without feeling as though they were constantly being watched. Soft grey sheers throughout the entire home alleviate the constant glare and sunlight while ensuring the prized vistas don’t go unseen.

    Deeply resonating with its locale, the relaxed material scheme is built from a solid base palette of timber, stone, metal and polished concrete. French oak flooring runs through the communal areas of the home, shifting to pavers in the separate lounge. This neutral, earthy palette follows through the facade of the home, with grey pavers, linear timber panelling and a stone fence.

    Williams Burton Leopardi director David Burton says that the open and effective kitchen and dining area was one of the most crucial elements to the redesign. “This was the Achilles’ heel of the previous design, so transforming the kitchen and dining room to elevate the daily rituals that happen within them is the ultimate success of the entire design,” David says. In this way the home seamlessly transitions between connected open-plan spaces and private, intimate areas.

    The Wireflow Pendant designed by Arik Levy for Vibia illuminates the dining table.

    The kitchen features Elegant Grey limestone by CDK Stone and the Pin Wall Lamp by Ichiro Iwasaki for Vibia.

    A charcoal feature wall captures attention in the living room.

    Different ceiling heights and voids add depth to the home and subtlely distinguish each room from another. The high, timber-lined ceiling informs the design of the dining room, while the kitchen sees a contemporary plastered ceiling contrasted with striking Elegant Grey limestone by CDK Stone. Progressing into the living room, a dramatic ceiling void is heightened by full-height windows, providing panoramic views of the beach.

    Williams Burton Leopardi have successfully reimagined this multi-dimensional beach home for a young family, maintaining a sense of coastal luxury that’s sensitive to the home’s architectural legacy. 

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