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    • We focus our attention on steel framing; the robust bones of the bathroom and how it’s come to shape these standout spaces.

      Steel framing has had more than a moment in the spotlight. It’s become an enduring feature inside homes across the globe, both structurally and aesthetically. But there’s one space in particular steel framing has met its match in the home: in the bathroom.

      In the bathroom, steel framing has the ability to transcend styles, make a smaller space appear loftier, to spatially define and to transform this private quarter with striking contrast. Steel framing in the bathroom can also bridge the gap between heritage foundations and modern intervention while providing a consistent connection between the interior and exterior.

      We’ve curated eight bathroom projects that proudly share their use of custom steel framing.

      Killcare House by Decus Interiors

      Decus Interiors merged seaside accents with decorative glamour to bring their Killcare House project to life. In the home’s expansive master bathroom, steel framing works with the graphic tiled flooring to create a spatially defined, serene bathing area.

      Stadswoning Townhouse by TJIP

      Stadswoning Townhouse by TJIP

      In the Belgian home of TJIP’s Interior Architect Thomas Meeschaert, frosted steel framing segments the ensuite from the master bedroom space. While acting as a practical division, the steel framing also offers a sense of refined consistency with the black fittings against the pared-down palette.

      Diane Keaton’s Brick Home

      For The Home that Pinterest Built, Diane Keaton created a luxurious bathing suite fully closed off from the master ensuite by elegant steel frame doors. Resonating with the traditional yet rustic style of the home, the steel frame doors are perfectly matched with the subway tiles and oak flooring.

      Barcom Terrace by Arent & Pyke

      In this charming heritage renovation by Arent & Pyke, steel framing partitions both the shower and toilet within the main bathroom. The Barcom Terrace is the perfect example of how a bathroom can be contextualised back to its 1800s roots with the application of steel framing.

      Camilla Freeman-Topper’s Home by Alwill Interiors and LRA

      The minimal northern European atmosphere inside Camilla Freeman-Topper’s home wouldn’t be complete without the steel framed windows, doors and screens throughout. As you open the fluted glass steel doors to step into the bathroom, you’re also greeted by the walk-in shower which is enclosed by classic steel framing, elegantly paired against the burnished brass fixtures.

      Peppertree House by Luigi Rosselli and Alwill Interiors

      MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek

      The MK House by Belgian great Nicolas Shuybroek uses steel to literally frame the separate shower space and shower door. The bathroom captures the designer’s mission for simplicity, prioritising a monochrome palette that plays on volume and light.

      Perfect Storm by Matt Woods

      The Perfect Storm apartment by Matt Woods celebrates the local industrial heritage through its stripped-back, Brutalist interiors. In keeping with this theme, the bathroom is fitted out with a steel frame shower screen and an arched door, emulating the curved detail throughout the rest of the home.

      Casa Atrio by Biasol

      Steel framing is the ideal solution for a wet area – as noted by Biasol in their Casa Atrio project. The custom steel frame glass screen keeps all bathing matters contained, and sits in good company alongside white Vola fixtures. 

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