If you find yourself on the Upper East Side in NYC and you’re in the mood for local, seasonal, organic produce (when are you ever not in the mood for that? When you’re in the mood for Van Leeuwen ice cream we guess?), then march yourself into the brownstone building on 65th street and seat yourself down at The East Pole. Credited with ‘bringing downtown style uptown’ the team behind The Fat Radish, with their Australian connections and the brothers behind Brinkley’s and Southside are taking their ‘honest fare’ style cooking to a refined neighbourhood on the other side of town.

With the decor designed around a subtle nautical inspired aesthetic that is sophisticated rather than overly whimsical, the dining room feels intimate and cozy yet fresh and contemporary at the same time. New Head Chef, Nicholas Capozzi, who has worked at The Fat Radish and at their pop-up in Rio de Janeiro, Casa Fat Radish, has developed a seasonal, home fare style menu complimented by The East Pole signature cocktail menu that is steadily growing its own fan following.







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