First Look | TanGuor Outdoor Collection by Didier

Didier TanGuor 2 Seater Sofa
Didier TanGuor Coffee Table
Didier TanGuor Arm Lounge

We take a first look at Australian-based furniture design studio Didier’s new outdoor furniture collection TanGuor. Meticulously crafted from teak, stainless steel, and resilient outdoor upholstery, the TanGuor range encapsulates a versatile, global aesthetic, resonating with the tranquil, golden tones of late afternoon sunlight.

Produced in partnership with Didier

The Didier TanGuor Sunlounger is ideal for unwinding by the pool or within a landscaped outdoor setting.

Melbourne-based designer Ross Didier is known for intuiting a world where art meets design; his craft often fuses function with engineering, and utilitarianism embraces a sense of luxury. As a small but influential figure in the Australian industry, Didier’s collections capture an authentic narrative.

For his latest collection, Ross drew inspiration from the tranquility of golden hour to craft a resort-style outdoor collection perfect for relaxation. “I was captivated by that serene period after sunrise and before sunset, when sunlight gently diffuses, casting a soft, warm glow that bathes the landscape in a golden hue,” explains Ross.

The TanGuor collection comprises modular seating, arms, ottomans, low tables, sun loungers, and umbrellas that allow for refined relaxation and each piece is designed to stand alone or be combined as a setting to create bespoke lounging configurations. A foundational piece within the modular range, the TanGuor Lounge chair is additionally available with custom armrests, reflecting Didier’s emphasis on contemporary luxury and comfort. 

Didier TanGuor Sun Lounger
Didier TanGuor 3 Seater Sofa
Didier TanGuor Arm Lounge
Didier TanGuor Umbrella

“TanGuor honours the perfect, yet fleeting stage of day, when everything fills with a golden hue."

- ross didier

Didier TanGuor 4 Seater Sofa
Didier TanGuor Arm Lounge
Didier TanGuor Coffee Table

From a minimalist desert landscape to a richly decorative Moroccan aesthetic, Didier’s TanGuor furniture collection evokes a captivating global narrative.

The Didier TanGuor Lounge chair is the key piece within the TanGuor range, embodying modern luxury through premium timber and upholstery craftsmanship. 

Prioritising premium craftsmanship and sustainability, TanGuor is crafted from select-grade ecological-certified teak, marine-grade stainless steel fittings, and durable Sunbrella upholstery. Custom seat padding is made-to-order in Melbourne from specialty exterior-grade foam and advanced water-resistant and UV-protected fabric offers a high durability across any outdoor environment and or season.

The collection encapsulates an organic material palette in warm, earthy hues that evoke feelings of calm such as the TanGuor coffee table crafted from textured natural marble, while the lounge chairs and sofas are available in a selection of soft, neutral tones in tactile fabrics with an option for loose cushions in richer colour combinations. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted with sculptural slatted timber forms that gradually patina to an earthy silver-grey.

Designed with tranquility front of mind, the TanGuor outdoor range is ideal for an afternoon spent lounging and unwinding in the soft sunlight. 

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