Talking Terrazzo with CDK Stone

    • Undeniably a surface of choice for designers the world over, Terrazzo is enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to its aesthetic and functional properties. So how to choose the right Terrazzo? We set out to find out. 

      If there’s a material we’ve seen popping up in many a design-forward interior, it’s Terrazzo. Yes, Italy’s favourite surface has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts over the past few years, and with good reason – it is durable, unique and deeply personable.

      Dating back thousands of years, Terrazzo has stood the test of time as a design material; and now  CDK Stone are bringing a whole new context to Terrazzo with the introduction of Northstone to the Australian market. To celebrate the premium quality, bespoke Terrazzo that Northstone are renowned for, we sat down with an expert in this space, CDK Stone Director Tony Victor, to learn more about what makes this material so special and how to choose the perfect fit for any space.

      With over 20 years’ experience in the stone industry and a passion for supplying stones that propel Australian design forward, Tony sources the best natural stone from all over the globe. So when it came to finding a premium Terrazzo for the Australian market, he turned to the material’s homeland. “CDK Stone spent two years searching for the right Terrazzo supplier” Tony explains to us. “After much consideration, Northstone was chosen not only for their beautiful Terrazzo but because they share the values and quality CDK Stone are known for.”

      Working with an Italian Terrazzo supplier has ensured the surface sets a number of high standards in its production. For instance, Northstone’s advanced production process means its Terrazzo can be 50% less porous than other Terrazzos, and maintains its colours for years. The premium quality of Northstone Terrazzo also comes through in the details, says Tony. “The attention to detail in the finishing process is evident when you touch and feel Northstone. Available in six finishes, Northstone is constructed with up to 80% marble and premium cement.” Northstone Terrazzo is also produced under rigorous environment standards, made from 100% natural materials and pigments and using eco-sensitive binders.

      Terrazzo stairs in the Neues Museum by David Chipperfield Architects

      “Northstone’s custom Terrazzo is ideal for designers wanting to create an artistic signature – tailored shapes, patterns and colours are now possible.”

      Terrazzo adds visual dynamic to this bathroom by est favourite firm Loft Kolasinski
      Terrazzo anchors this simple yet striking kitchen by Rolies Architects

      When considering the benefits of Terrazzo over other stone and composite materials, Tony points out the diversity and durability of the surface. “Terrazzo adds vibrancy and life. It’s a subtle statement and perfectly synergises with a range of architectural elements. If you’re looking to add a unique base colour or add contrast and depth to your design, Northstone is perfect for you”. The large range of styles and finishes in the Northstone collection also enable unique aesthetic choices; whether you want to embrace the greys, greens and pinks Tony says they are currently seeing momentum towards or draw on a darker palette, Terrazzo offers something for just about everyone.

      Perhaps most excitingly of all, there’s another key element that sets Northstone apart from its peers – customisation. Having worked closely with designers for many years, Tony knew that the opportunity to create bespoke Terrazzo was crucial. “Talking with so many designers, we knew that this feature would appeal to the Australian market” he says. “Northstone’s custom Terrazzo is ideal for designers wanting to create an artistic signature – tailored shapes, patterns and colours are now possible.” As to how you bring your custom Terrazzo concept to life, it can be as simple or detailed as you like, says Tony. “Some people will make elaborate drawings they have custom created while others may bring in examples with slight variations they would like to apply” he says.

      Colourful combinations like the Giudecca 12 add a playful personality through Terrazzo

      Working closely with their customers to source premium natural stones and natural pigments, CDK Stone are excited to see the endless combinations created. “Imagination is unlimited with Northstone” Tony concludes. “The customisation allows designers to introduce their own flare and more importantly creates a design that cannot be replicated”. For a true statement style, it seems Terrazzo will continue to endure – and we look forward to following its contemporary journey through Australian design.

      Explore the full Northstone collection at the CDK Stone website below or view the est favourites here.

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    1. Hi I’m a designer looking for terrazzo for a clients table. Can you please advise if you can supply this. Table is 2000 x 900.
      Kind regards
      Simone Messina
      Curtains Up! Interior Furnishings

    2. Hi Simone,
      We recommend contacting CDK Stone who have just introduced Northstone Terrazzo to the Australian market.

    3. We are an Architectural firm based on Barcelona working on various residential projects in the city, as for high end refurbishments, medium sized apartment buildings and exclusive residential villas.

      We find your products to be very interesting and we are willing to integrate them in our ongoing projects.

      We would be gratefull to receive feedback from you, and receiving some catalogues and physical samples.

      If you also have commercial department reaching Barcelona we would be gratefull to meet with your personel to advance in our future collaboration.

      Thank you in advance,

      Victor Sala Bori

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