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  • Sweeping curves and Brutalist features define this two-storey family home in the vibrant neighbourhood of Mount Hawthorn, just outside of Perth city.

    In their first meeting with Ara Salomone, co-founder of Perth-based multi-disciplinary design practice State of Kin, the now homeowners of Sweep House described their ideal home as “a large white box with a hint of Greece and Palm Springs” – to which Ara excitedly responded with references to Brutalist buildings. 

    Emerging as a popular style of architecture in the 1950s, Brutalism is characterised by exposed concrete, modular elements, and an overall utilitarian feel. Architects today reference these buildings to bring energy, robustness and texture to their projects – Sweep House being the perfect case study.

    The Location

    The home sits centrally within the leafy streetscapes of Mount Hawthorn, an area of Perth that has proven very attractive to young families. Partial to the occasional Saturday morning farmer’s market, or a walk down by the picturesque Lake Monger, the clients had a strong desire to be part of the vibrant community. 

    The street features a rich mix of architectural styles from different eras – 1930s Californian bungalows, Australian Federation-era homes and character cottages – but just a handful of contemporary designs. “The addition of a truly contemporary home nestled amongst this setting contributes to the suburban fabric of the precinct,” Ara says.

    Key Focuses

    Ara lists maximising views, capturing natural light and creating a user-friendly experience as essential to meeting the client’s brief. “Ensuring that all spaces were optimised in terms of their positioning, arrangement, and use was essential,” she says. “The spaces needed to ultimately speak to the needs of the user – to be effortless and seemingly simple throughout.”

    The staircase is the hero in the living space, which is a sculpture in itself. The space features a Cassina Maralunga Maxi sofa and a pair of Cassina 637 Utrecht armchairs, upholstered in deep red fabric that speaks to the carpet and travertine floors. Other Cassina pieces include the Constantin side table and AM2C floor lamp. Artwork by Jade Lister-Buttle.

    “Meticulously coordinated spaces allow the home to evolve with its residents, accommodating their changing needs and uses over a lifetime.”


    – Ara Salomone, co-founder of State of Kin

    Brutalist Features 

    To draw clear parallels between Sweep House and Brutalist architecture, State of Kin have finished the exterior in heavily textured stucco, complete with hit-and-miss brickwork. While not typically associated with the style, sweeping curves elevate the exterior by giving it a playful, more contemporary feel.  

    The exterior language is echoed inside with features like a sculpted kitchen island bench and spiral staircase; contrasted by soft furnishings and smooth textures.

    The rust-toned carpet in the living area and staircase carries into the primary bedroom, which features the Moroso Redondo bed. Artwork by Caroline Walls.

    The alfresco dining area features Kettal chairs and the Cassina Dine Out round table.

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