Modern Metalwork: Stainless Steel in the Kitchen

  • Crisp, clean and contemporary; stainless steel and chrome finishes have made a resurgence in the design sphere. We set out to explore this material as a countertop in the kitchen by bringing to light three individual spaces, each of which feature innovative and standout stainless steel countertops.

    As a timeless material, stainless steel has always been (and will continue to be) a mainstay material within the design industry. This said, we’ve recently become inspired by its more modern applications at home in the kitchen. Clean-lined, reflective, durable and antibacterial qualities makes stainless steel a sophisticated countertop option. 

    Masters at crafting custom kitchen interiors; Reform combines a Scandinavian poise, Nordic modernism and European craftsmanship like no other. With showrooms in Copenhagen, Berlin, New York and Aarhus, Reform have grand plans to expand internationally. Fast gaining global recognition, Reform are also known for their collaborations with acclaimed creatives including; Cecile Manz, Studio David Thulstrup and Sigurd Larsen and aim to, quite literally, change preconceived ideas of great design in the kitchen.

    We take a closer look at three architecturally-designed kitchen spaces that explore the resurgence of stainless steel, and we uncover how the inclusion of a stainless steel kitchen countertop can elevate design.

    Produced in partnership with Abey Barazza.

    Reform Degree Kitchen | Cecile Manz | est living

    Degree Kitchen x Cecilie Manz

    2018 Maison&Objet Designer of the Year Cecilie Manz combined a classic aesthetic and subtle graphic details to create the Degree kitchen. Based on the founding principles of balancing functionality with warmth, the stainless steel countertop in this space provides a practical component that is offset with a warmer palette including grey and white paint and pine-fronted cabinetry.

    Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion makes it a durable countertop option and Manz reminds us, that mixing metal and timber can add both visual interest and a sense of craftsmanship, alongside practicality.

    Plate Kitchen x Studio David Thulstrup

    David Thulstrup, the founder and creative director of award-winning Studio David Thulstrup, is an architect and designer with a distinctive approach to interiors and architecture whose design team pairs a classic aesthetic with modern elements. Est have always been advocates of Thulstrup’s work and our favourite projects include The Vipp Chimney HouseNoma Restaurant and his Plate kitchen design for Reform is no exception to our admiration. 

    Almost monolithic in its look, this metal kitchen highlights a hand-crafted feel. The stainless steel countertop sets the tone for an honest, sturdy and modern aesthetic. Known for his refined use of raw materials Studio David Thulstrup’s Plate kitchen includes an industrial sensibility, which is counterbalanced by softer, more refined features including the minimalist, handle-free and flat-panelled front. 

    Reform Plate Kitchen | Studio David Thulstrup | est living

    When factoring in a minimalist, chrome aesthetic to the kitchen, we can’t look past Abey’s Barazza, Italian-crafted, Made to Measure worktops in stainless steel.

    Fold Kitchen x Sigurd Larsen

    Berlin-based, Danish designer and architect Sigurd Larsen collaborated with Reform on the Fold kitchen. With its undeniable sculptural quality, this nordic-inspired kitchen captures an understated elegance and contemporary minimalism using clean and simple lines. These lines are cut to size, folded and assembled as one piece of metal to create an individual and smooth aesthetic.

    Larsen’s design combines high-quality metal materials alongside a strong focus on function. Inspiring a chef-like feel, it was important for Larsen to design surfaces that could tolerate constant use which meant including stainless steel as a countertop material.

    Reform Fold Kitchen | Sigurd Larsen | est living

    Reform’s application of stainless steel worktops creates a minimalist elegance that is not only hygienic and functional but completely recyclable, making it a sustainable countertop option.

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