Bathroom | Portsea Family Beach House

The Look

Fundamentally, the Australian beach house is where we go to escape, unwind and enjoy the beauty of our natural coastal surrounds. It’s these principles that have been captured down to a T in the Portsea Family Beach House, designed to emanate the light and unfussy qualities of a 70s home that stood before.

Kate Beadle Interior Design and Nick Condon found the perfect spot for their family beach haven in Portsea, where a classic old Peninsula shack once stood. The small shack was built-in the 1970s out of Besser Blocks with a flat roof and low ceilings. There were aspects they really liked about the small house; the layout, ample use of timber, orientation to the north for sunlight and its overall casualness. So much so, Kate and Nick used the house as the springboard to design a new, modern reinterpretation with a whole lot more space. Learning lessons from the past made way for a tasteful beach house to relax, entertain and relish in the spirit of summer by the sea.