Creating Spaces for Work and Rest

  • Our bedroom and study spaces are intrinsically linked, largely because a productive day’s work begins with a rejuvenating, restful night’s sleep. In this feature, we take a closer look at curating our study space for peak productivity and creating a bedroom sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation. 

    As working from home has seen a rise equally in need and popularity, so has the search for functional, comfortable and inviting workspaces. The virtue of ‘sleep promoting productivity and productivity promoting sleep’ connects our working and bedroom spaces, making them vital for our professional and personal wellbeing.

    We know the secret to a beautifully resolved study and bedroom space lies with high-performance furniture and accessories. A playbook, if you will, exploring how the King collection satisfies this brief in aesthetic and functionality.

    Produced in partnership with King

    The study area features the King Eto desk, Quay chair and Eye table lamp. Wall art created by Liam Snootle for Studio Gallery.

    Wall art created by Lilianne Ivins for Studio Gallery

    The Study

    One of the most important decisions for the study area is colour. Calming blue and green hues soothe the mind, reduce mental strain and provide gentle stimulation for greater focus. If painting walls is not practical, adding similar tonality with furniture or plant life (which brings many additional benefits) will provide the same effect. 

    The focal point of the home office is the desk. The Eto desk designed for King by multi-award-winning Tom Fereday provides sophistication and smart technology. Interestingly, it is the first desk in the world to seamlessly integrate optional power, wireless charging and lighting. Paired elegantly with the King Quay armless dining chair, for posture and comfort, the duo delivers functionality to the study as well as a discerning finish.

    An occasional chair or ottoman not only provides a change of pace or extra seating for guests but can also double as storage, like the King Bongo Ottoman.

    Lighting is critical in the study, to crafting the right ambience. Natural sunlight will inherently provide the most productive outcome. In addition, a task lamp such as the King Eye table lamp will serve as an elegant silhouette for a refined aesthetic and reduce eye strain as daylight diminishes.

    Art in a working environment has long been understood to decrease stress while increasing creativity and communication. Adding wall art or a small desk sculpture will encourage productivity and assist with layering personal style. 

    home study essentials:

    ETO Desk King Living

    The Bedroom

    If sleep promotes productivity, then bedroom comfort is key. Tonality plays an integral role in setting the right foundation for a restful night’s sleep. Calming lavenders, muted grey or blue tones, and neutrals work best while hanging drapery as close to the ceiling as possible will create the feeling of space and height. 

    Most importantly, a sound sleep calls for a comfortable bed foundation and mattress. The Bellaire Bed frame by King is an est favourite as it unites both elegance and durability. The bespoke headboard covers can be tailored in fabric or European leather to suit individual style, then professionally removed for cleaning or replacing if necessary. Ideally, bed linen should be soft and breathable and made from natural fibres such as cotton and linen, especially throughout the warmer months.  

    Functional bedside tables not only provide an ideal home for lighting, vases and reading material, but also offer discreet storage to maintain a clutter-free sleeping environment. The King Serenade bedside tables enhance rather than overpower the space, with the addition of soft close drawers accessible from either side of the unit. Adorning bedside tables with green leafy foliage will aid with rest. Not only does plant life act as a stress reliever, but it also helps to purify the air, providing clean oxygen for deeper sleep.

    Space permitting, accenting the bedroom with additional elements such as an occasional chair or ottoman will build flexibility within the room. The King Luna chair and Crescent ottoman provide aesthetic charm as well as additional seating for curling up with a good book. Lastly, illumination is key to achieving a cozy and comfortable bedroom space. A table lamp like the handblown glass King Pallino adds sophistication. Perfect for winding down to prepare for deep, restorative sleep, ready for the following day ahead.

    The bedroom features the King Bellaire bed and Sleep+ mattress. The Serenade marble bedside tables are adorned with Pallino table lamps. A single Luna occasional chair and Crescent ottoman complete the aesthetic.

    Bed linen from Bedouin Societe and bedspread from Ferm Living.

    composing a relaxing bedroom:

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