Somers House by Open Studio

  • Most holiday homes are just that – a holiday home. The type that you can waltz in and out of, perhaps making camp for weeks on end in the warm weather or leave empty when your timetable leaves no room for a weekender. When they approached Open Studio, the owners of this home were seeking something more – a semi-permanent residence where the couple, their dog and sporadic visitors could spend more than a weekend at a time in.

    Located in the small beachside town of Somers along Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, the home enjoys all the benefits of coastal living; panoramic bay views, native bushland vegetation and serene surroundings. To best embrace these benefits, the design plays out over a two-storey scheme, located on the highest point of the site. This has meant both minimal disruption to the site vegetation and the best views from the home. With a form inspired by stacked boxes, the home hides away its balconies and decks for protection while glazed windows invite in the ever-changing sea views to the south or filtered sun from the North.

    Fulfilling the everyday living brief, the home’s layout spans three key zones – a flexible, open-plan living space on the upper floor, the main bedroom and guests’ bedrooms on the lower floors. In keeping with the emphasis on flexibility materials and finishes have been refined to a simple tow-tone palette, with white walls and minimal joinery juxtaposed by the dark stained and waxed timber elements of the hardwood floor, window frames and fireplace unit. Frameless pivot doors make an additional impression in bringing the natural landscape in or stretching the living areas out. While this home may seem simple in form, it’s sure to stand the test of time as both holiday and permanent home.

    DESIGN Open Studio

    The home’s external materials and colours were selected to blend in with the natural vegetation and for pragmatic reasons, such as low maintenance, sustainability, bush-fire protection and more.

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