Shelter Island Home

  • You would expect the summer home of two designers to be a cut above your average weekender and this Shelter Island retreat ticks all the right boxes. Owners Harriet Maxwell Macdonald of OCHRE and Andrew Corrie of Canvas Home bought the place in 2004 and set to work modernising it without losing the 1970s spirit of the original house.

    Expanding the home from a two bedroom beach shack to a five bedroom house, the couple have created a relaxed, communal home that celebrates both their creative backgrounds and their family life with children Ivo, Celia and Alistair. Explore more of this home in Est Magazine Issue #22.


    A deep respect for the surrounding landscape and natural materials is shown through the restraint of the interior design. The bleached oak floorboards and reclaimed washed timber walls are complimented by the muted colours of the linen sofas and bedding.

    The dusky kitchen interior features a zinc splashback and counter designed by Andrew, Lacanche oven, and one of the most glorious pastel crockery collections we’ve seen.

    The couple’s background has played a crucial part in the design of the home. Standout pieces such as the Eternal Dreamer sofa and Scorpion lamp from OCHRE take prominent place in the interior scheme, alongside early design prototypes, like the Cloud Light chandeliers hanging above the custom glass and timber staircase.

    Canvas Home prototypes and designs are also featured throughout, with Andrew’s design process often driven by fulfilling specific needs in his own home, then testing and adjusting the design from everyday home use. Much of the linen, crockery and glassware has come from Canvas Home designs, with additional items custom-made or collected from flea markets and friends.  Our personal standout piece? The restored bleached Steinway piano sitting in a sunny living room corner – capturing the home’s classic roots and a sense of play. 

    Just a couple of hours drive from New York, this is the perfect sanctuary for a busy young family. Restorative in location, design and textures, the feeling of calm is tangible even through the imagery – and has us dreaming of our own pastel beach house.

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