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    Architecture and interior design duo Las Perelli call on natural materials and neutral tones to yield a sophisticated home in the Spanish countryside.

    The village of Segovia, about an hour north-west of Madrid, hosts some of the richest architectural history in Spain, including Romanesque churches, mediaeval walls, royal palaces and Gothic cathedrals. It’s here where you’ll find the latest residential project from sisters Elena and Beatriz Perelli, who together founded their Madrid-based studio in 2010. Despite the home’s geographical location, the owners requested that it not be referred to as a “country house” but rather a “sophisticated home in the countryside”.

    Segovia by Las Perelli

    Natural, high-quality materials, such as oak, limestone, wool and linen, are ever-present throughout.

    “In all of our projects, we prioritise the well-being of our clients; we study their needs in-depth and work to create an atmosphere that is right for them,” Elena Perelli says. In this case, it was clear from the onset that the homeowners sought sophistication, but this also entailed a strong connection to nature and a preference for private, relaxing spaces. Using natural, high-quality materials that will age and patina with grace was a must in formulating this atmosphere; materials like oak, limestone, wool and linen. Many of these materials are manifested in a selection of antique furnishings and custom-made pieces by Las Perelli.

    The concurrent tones are nothing short of tranquil; Elena and Beatriz have chosen a selection of whites, tans and charcoal greys to create a ‘blank canvas’. “The client can apply touches of colour as they see fit, without having to modify the foundation,” Elena says. The light was also important in creating the “right” atmosphere. Throughout the day, natural light makes easy passage into the interiors through large windows – sometimes filtering through soft linen curtains and striking surfaces at full tilt.

    Design studio Las Perelli have crafted a sophisticated home in the Spanish countryside, eloquently suited to the needs of those that live there.

    Segovia by Las Perelli

    Whites, tans and charcoal greys create a ‘blank canvas’ on which to add pops of colour.

    Segovia by Las Perelli

    Las Perelli have chosen mostly antique, one-off pieces to furnish Segovia, which creates a relaxed, rustic feel.

    Segovia by Las Perelli
    Segovia by Las Perelli

    Each space is designed to feel ‘off-the-grid’ and personal.

    Segovia by Las Perelli

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