Rose Park Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi

  • Williams Burton Leopardi were asked to redefine the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors in their sophisticated renovation of this home in Adelaide’s prestigious Rose Park. Paying careful attention to form and the way each space is to be used, the Rose Park Residence now draws on a central courtyard to create a fluid and tactile experience. 

    The kitchen features the Livorno Round Dining Table paired with the Liz Soft Walter Knoll Dining Chairs in Olive Brown and Bronze.

    The home was designed to have a seamless relationship between inside and out, ‘bedded in the design principles of form following function, tactile materiality and “seamless transitions’. The desired north facing location meant for careful planning to fully capitalise on the home’s exposure to the natural light. One way this was achieved was through the heart of the home: the central courtyard.

    Williams Burton Leopardi cleverly pushed the ‘normal’ boundaries of design when it came to designing the configuration of the home. As the courtyard acts as a divider between the two main spaces in the home, the kitchen came to be designed as a 25-metre walk from one side to the other. While this isn’t a long distance, the detour demanded an inviting and tangible experience. This is where the ‘seamless transitions’ comes into play, where the effortless connection between the inside and out makes for a pleasant journey to the fridge.

    The Kepi Armchair in Rosa adds a pop of colour to the living room.

    The soothing material palette and colour tones used throughout the home instantly evoke feelings of repose. The interior and exterior materials are consistent, offering a sense of continuity that makes it seem like the two are seamlessly entwined – from the rich timber joinery to the smooth rendered paint finish on the walls.

    Williams Burton Leopardi have designed a home that juxtaposes spaces to gather with spaces of solitude. They have tapped into what it means to truly design a place to live where there is no clear distinction between the interior and exterior  – and where each brings out the best of the other. 

    Herringbone marble tiles and a freestanding bath add an element of luxury to the master bathroom.

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