The Rose House by Watts Studio

  • Without further ado, we bring to you a stunning shortlisted home from the 2017 Australian Interior Design Awards by the newly formed Watts Studio. The brainchild of Felicity Watts, the design practice has made a splash on the local interior scene with a plethora of refined and refreshing ideas for modern Australian living. Blending old time beauty and contemporary liveability, their recent refurb of the Rose House is, quite frankly, as elegant as it sounds.

    DESIGN Watts Studio | PHOTOGRAPHY Brooke Holm

    While the seamless interior may have you thinking otherwise, the red-brick Californian bungalow has been substantially reconfigured to cater for a young family. At the top of the list was to create a home that met the needs of its busy occupants, and for this the design particularly sympathises with the parents. Within the large, open-plan living areas, Watts Studio has created private spaces for quiet time. These sanctuaries are dotted throughout the abode; a window seat to soak up the winter sun, a study nook, and a scullery perfect for food-preparation or entertaining. By privileging ease and comfort, Watts Studio has resurrected a home to feel well-equipped for day-to-day use— optimising the space without cluttering it.

    A trademark of Watts Studio is their proud selection of Australian design, with welcome additions from our New Zealand neighbours. The playfulness throughout the home is bolstered by quirky forms and signature splashes of vibrant colour that accentuate the character of art and furnishings, as seen in the children’s space. Decadent ceiling lighting, soft textures and warm metallics of gold and copper adorn each light-hearted space, nodding to the beauty of locally-sourced products.

    For the family to enjoy the home year upon year, Watts Studio has valued the traditional materials of stone and timber. At the hands of precise workmanship, these honest materials provide top-quality finishes and a certain timelessness and practicality in the home. Marble features in abundance – on the bench tops, as a splash-back, as a fireplace, shelving and as solid outdoor table. Together with light timber fittings, furniture and flooring, the home presents clean lines and smooth surfaces, built to endure. A clever colour match to the timber are the caramel leather furnishings and fireplace tile grouting, boldly contrasting with black aluminium windows and bathroom fittings — a distinctly Australian palette. With a fresh mix of functionality and style, the light and bright Californian Bungalow is ready for a young family grow and prosper.

    Showcasing the meticulous work of local craftsmen and artisans instills the home’s authentic Australian playfulness and casual spirit.


    A seemingly effortless interior is underpinned by contemporary practicality.

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