Rosalie House by Owen Architecture

  • There is beauty in the simplest things – fresh grass underneath your feet, morning sunlight through windows, cooking a meal together. In their design for the Lockyer family, architects Paul Owen and Michael Lineburg of Owen Architecture drew inspiration from simple materials, landscapes and routines to create a beautiful yet functional family home.

    DESIGN Owen Architecture | PHOTOGRAPHY Toby Scott

    Situated on a large block, the brief was to utilise the landscape as much as possible, embracing outdoor living and green spaces, – ‘a house that was easy to live in’ – says owner Loren Lockyer. The design follows the external terrain across one level with open spaces to bring the interior and exterior together, most strikingly in the central living area. An entire wall is opened to meet the greenery outside; an atmosphere Loren describes where ‘you really feel you’re amongst everything’. The mother of three praises the design consideration of creating visibility throughout the structure, allowing her small children to have flexibility to utilise indoor and outdoor spaces whilst still being able to see their mum as they play.

    To support the function of the house, the floors and low wall datums are simply painted concrete, robust and in fitting with the natural landscape. The design also pays homage to classic Australian suburban features, infusing them with a modern touch to sit comfortably amongst the contemporary design. Painted concrete, brick and tile finishes are paired with glass, marble and brass to create a humble yet refined aesthetic. Loren says it all comes together beautifully, balancing her desires for practicality with an effortless luxury. ‘Even though it’s an amazing house, it’s a simple house – simple lines, simple materials, not pretentious. It’s a practical house and functions perfectly for us, and I’m sure as the children get older it will continue to support our lives perfectly.’

    This piece originally appeared in est magazine issue 22. Read the entire magazine online here.


    Polished and practical elements inject suburban elegance into the home.

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