Riverside House by Grand and Johnson

  • Immersed within dense woodlands in the Netherlands, Riverside House sees interior design studio Grand and Johnson create an idyllic escape. Aligned low to the terrain, its presence is modestly concealed until approach, allowing the surrounding natural elements to remain a key focus.

    Working closely with the architectural team, shared materiality is applied across the home, with similar finishes used both inside and out to reinforce their prevalence. The home is broken down into three winged elements, where two sit aligned, and the third is more recessive and sinks into the site, following the terrain below. This third element is intentionally distinct through a darker approach and hugs the outdoor areas.

    The kitchen and dining space accommodate entertaining and coming together as a family.

    The living areas feature textural and inviting elements to bring the family together while constantly reminding them of the remote location through large glass openings.

    Dark timber veneer panels sleeve the interior. The panels set the scene from the entry and are a reminder of the woodland surrounds, where solid walls are opposite open glazing.

    Although removed from neighbouring properties, the idea of privacy formed an integral part of the brief. The extensive use of glazing allows for uninterrupted views, enabling the landscape to feel like an extension of the home. The more weighted and masonry elements then provide a balance, solidifying the home’s presence on site.

    The three volumes all direct sight lines out through differing approaches, matching both the function needed internally and the aspect beyond. However, the consistent element that binds each approach is an ingrained warmth and layered materiality – each with a varied and nuanced interpretation. The shared uniformity that runs across the site creates a rhythm between the openings and more solid elements. The applied sense of structure and order means personal expression internally based on the area and the occupant.

    Despite the level of openness, the solid features and ingrained systems and materiality ensure Grand and Johnson’s Riverside House remains undeniably warm and enveloping.

    Inspired by a modernist approach, a linear and low-lying series of platforms mark the home’s form across the site. This language is then carried through into the landscape.

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