Reydon Grove Farm by Norm Architects

  • Norm Architects design a modern, flat-roofed interpretation of the traditional farmhouse in the countryside of Southern England. 

    We may well be familiar with the work of Norm Architects in Northern Europe, but here at est we were yet to explore their endeavours beyond. Enter the Reydon Grove Farmhouse, situated at the border of a working farm in the Suffolk region of the UK. Norm Architects went against the grain for this English estate, designing a long and narrow pavilion that assimilates neatly with the exisiting structures nearby and comfortably with the countryside.

    Before the home took shape physically, Norm Architects considered how best it could fit with the farmland. They decided to place the house near a group of mature trees, to protect it from the wind and separate the garden and the paddocks. Here the east-facing home is elevated on a sand stone platform, lifting it to match the gentle slope of the site and take hold of the far-reaching views.

    Norm Architects stuck to what they knew best (as seen in previously on est) for the exterior; vertical cladding made from local Larch wood. Not only does it mirror the existing barn and dairies on the site, but maintains the close connection with the land. According to Norm Architects, “the design of the facade is all about transparency, letting nature be an integral part of the interior and framing views of the extraordinary settings.” This approach applies to the large overhang of the roof that helps to let the light in. 

    “One half of the bungalow is designed as one big room, divided into different areas with different functions.”

    With no shortage of space, the home was kept to a single-storey, spread across a generous 247-square metres. A central hallway runs the length of the interior, segmenting the public and private areas. With the entirely glass views, this gives the home plenty of warm and fuzzy spots to bask in the sun and look out to the surrounding pastures. Used to the harsh winters in Denmark, Norm Architects have continued their focus on bringing nature inside both with lighting and materials. It wouldn’t be an English countryside abode without an open fire to gather and both chimneys are made from dark grey brickwork, intended to harmonise with the timber cladding as it ages. Extending on this palette, Dinesen flooring and white and warm neutral hues inform every space and object that fills it – including Norm’s very own product designs.

    Safe to say, the Reydon Grove Farm is an escape to the country in true Norm Architects spirit. The Norm Architects team have acknowledged the need for durability in aesthetic, materiality and craftsmanship to push far beyond the conventional modern farmhouse. 

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