Meet The Dogs that Own These Incredible Homes

  • For the love of dogs and design, we can’t get enough of photographer Nicole England’s newly published book Resident Dog.

    Melbourne-based photographer Nicole England’s name frequents many of the local residential projects we’re fortunate to feature on est. Photographing homes on a regular basis, she soon realised the most enjoyable shoots, were those that included the wandering paws of a pooch or two. Nicole said she has always felt incredibly honoured to be invited into somebody’s home, “but to then add a gorgeous little pup into the mix who every single time welcomes me with a big wag of the tail and follows me around from room to room,” makes it all the more amusing.

    Out of this loving combination of beautiful homes and the furry friends inside, Resident Dog was born. Built on the belief that every home is different – just like every dog – Nicole England has captured 25 of Australia’s top-tier architecture and interiors (many of them architects’ own homes) and warmed them with the charisma of their pups.

    With each page, you can share in the personal tour each dog took Nicole on, read about their cheeky habits or the nuances of the grand places they live. As Nicole puts it; “not only are these homes next-level amazing, the images also make people smile.” This reaction was ultimately something she wanted – to help people connect to architecture in a different way, in a more down to earth kind of way. “The dogs bring so much joy, laughter and warmth – whether you are into architecture or not,” she said.

    A short while ago we attended the Resident Dog book launch and were very excited to meet the VIP guests in attendance (yes, we met cover star Charlie!) Here the lovely Nicole also signed our own copy – and we’ve certainly found it hard to put down since, seeing Skipper of Hunters Hill and other est homes alike.

    Canela the Labrador | Camberwell, Victoria | Design by Andres Casillas de Alba with Evolva
    Bergie the Bull Mastiff-Kelpie | East Melbourne, Melbourne | Design by Hecker Guthrie
    Zara the Staffordshire Bull Terrier | Rozelle, Sydney | Design by Ciaran Acton and David Whittaker/Hassell

    “They absolutely can’t wait to be involved in the shoot – to walk into the middle of the shot, or do something completely random in front of the camera, where we all laugh and tell them they’re a good boy (or girl). What’s not to love about this mix?  I would walk away from every shoot with sore cheeks from laughing so much.”

    – Author Nicole England

    Bruno the Field Spaniel | North Melbourne, Melbourne | Design by Kennedy Nolan
    Dougal the German Shorthaired Pointer | Surry Hills, Sydney | Design by Smart Design Studio
    Myf the Golden Retriever | Bardon, Brisbane | Design by Vokes and Peters

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