Residence H by Nina Maya Interiors

  • Residence H by Nina Maya Interiors

    Residence H by Nina Maya Interiors is a captivating family home with a measured design language. A cultivated elegance has been established through a diverse curation of textures, natural materials, and the luminosity of metals and mirrored glass, unified by a warm neutral palette.

    Located in Sydney’s Balmain, Residence H borrows from myriad influences and styles to achieve a fluid interior aesthetic that is entirely unique. Through an innate understanding of materiality, form and composition, Nina Maya Interiors has coaxed a unifying calm across the three floors of the four-bedroom, four-bathroom home.

    A tailored approach to the interiors has meant furniture and joinery pieces have been custom made to find perfect compatibility within the home and designed in tandem with other affecting elements. As a result, the overarching sentiment is highly refined and seamlessly bespoke. 

    Against a background of minimalist contemporary architecture, Residence H leverages the elemental qualities of the home. Alongside an intuitive selection and placement of furniture and artwork, Nina Maya Interiors addressed a brief which asked for a fresh and modern family home with a beach house feel. A relaxed tonal selection of natural materials like travertine, timber and bronze echo the surrounding landscape, mediating between coastal ambience and urban density. 

    Monolithic volumes have been coaxed into domesticity through sculptural expressions, discernible patinas, and natural materials’ striking composition. Channelling the experience of living within the home has led to both a macro and micro application of design. A sweeping orchestration of the fall of natural light has been treated with the same attention as the smallest of details such as the reflection captured within the borders of a strategically placed mirror.

    Residence H by Nina Maya Interiors

    The kitchen is a warm, sculptural space with custom brass & leather bar stools by NMI and vintage Italian brass and marble pendant feature.

    Residence H by Nina Maya Interiors

    Artwork by Zhauang Hong Yi through Pier Marq gallery.

    Nina Maya Interiors aimed to create a sense of escape and retreat at Residence H. Within the busy patterns of life with two young sons, the continued impact of pandemic restrictions, and the immediacy of Sydney’s urban milieu, the realisation of a home that felt like a place of retreat was integral to the client brief. To facilitate this, the entire site was excavated to allow for a new lower ground level which is entirely dedicated to wellness with a state of the art gym, steam room, home movie theatre, billiard room and bar. 

    A relaxed tonal material selection allows for the craftsmanship and architectural elements to shine. Despite its covertly simple appearance, the fireplace was carefully handmade by a master stonemason in individual pieces of curved travertine and installed across an accurately managed process that spanned three days. 

    Residence H by Nina Maya Interiors

    The master ensuite continues the material dialogue established in the living space. Ambient lighting and elemental Brodware tapware lend the space a sanctuary-like essence.

    Residence H by Nina Maya Interiors

    The master bedroom features an NMI custom travertine and velvet headboard and custom bedside tables.

    Nina Maya Interiors has remained dedicated to their preference for refined material palettes (something shared across the studio’s portfolio of work) and a focus on design details that create interest throughout Residence H. The master ensuite exemplifies this approach with its soft tonal palette, curved vanities clad in micro cement, integrated basins handmade from soft white Livio marble and complimented by Marmorino plastered walls. Other materials used throughout the project – Italian travertine, french oak flooring, Arabescato marble, bronze & silk carpet – similarly eschew bold colour in favour of natural expressions in grain, veining, texture and lustre. 

    There is a serenity about Residence H – from the thoughtful fluidity of the home’s navigation to the cohesive use of materials that add depth, shade and texture to the experience of habitation. A novel approach to achieving a timeless aesthetic has appeared through stone formed over centuries in the depths of the earth, aged timbers with sedimentary graining and meticulously hand-wrought details. It’s an approach amplified by the integration of clear cut innovation that will carry the family who lives here through many chapters of life.

    Residence H by Nina Maya Interiors

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