RDR Residence by Decancq-Otté Architecten

  • RDR Residence by Decanqe-Otte

    Step inside a refined Belgian country house by Decancq-Otté Architecten, who’ve captured a quiet and contemplative atmosphere for the family within. 

    Interior and architecture studio Decancq-Otté Architecten are adept with Belgium’s highly lauded, minimalist approach to design. They’ve taken this textural and tonal style and intertwined it with a real sense of place in a new Flemish country house, built on the remains of an old farm. 

    RDR Residence by Decanqe-Otte
    RDR Residence by Decanqe-Otte

    Hannes Decancq & Emilie Otté founded their practice Decancq-Otté Architecten in 2016, on the belief that architecture and interiors should not exist in isolation. Through a holistic approach, Decancq-Otté Architecten seek harmony in light, visual perspectives, warm natural materials and textures; an approach that permeats their most recent project, the RDR Residence.

    The RDR Residence was designed in an L-shape, in order to optimise landscape views and access to natural light. Decancq-Otté Architecten ensured nearly every space can be opened up to the outdoors, where in the bathroom, the floor-to-ceiling glazing opens to let you feel as though you’re bathing outside. The Belgian linen curtains create a sense of gentle flow and movement in the home, offering the family privacy when desired. Ceiling-high sliding doors can allow the space behind the kitchen to also be entirely closed off into a study and pantry. 

    RDR Residence by Decanqe-Otte
    RDR Residence by Decanqe-Otte

    Every space in the RDR Residence showcases custom furniture and joinery. Be it the rich African veneer joinery in the master suite, or the kitchen cabinetry, dotted with elegant brass hardware. That’s without mentioning the custom dining booth that adjoins the kitchen island, wrapped in the same subdued stone as the bench top. Other special finishing touches include the soft-toned walls, finished in a chalk technique, the Atomium in Brass pendant by Lambert & Fils and the DC09 Chair by Inoda + Sveje

    Respectful of its place in the Flemish landscape, the RDR Residence reveals Decancq-Otté Architecten’s deft hand at marrying authentic materials and contemporary spatial possibilities.

    RDR Residence by Decanqe-Otte
    RDR Residence by Decanqe-Otte | est living

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