Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem

  • Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem

    This Belgian home by interior architect Pieter Vanrenterghem is a master class in warm minimalism.

    Belgium is renowned for its beautifully resolved aesthetics and Pieter Vanrenterghem, who has made a name for himself with subtly layered, pared-back interiors upholds this reputation. Having long admired his work, we’re glad to share the first of what it sure to be many projects on est.

    Project VV was undertaken for a young couple in their thirties, located on the edge of Belgian city Kortrijk. They requested a warm, simple home ready for the future, designed for longevity and Pieter and his team have achieved that, in a well-resolved home that takes no shortcuts on materials.

    Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem

    Pieter set out to design a home that was strictly aligned but softened with natural materials, that age in a beautiful way. The designer started by writing down a good program for the three-bedroom, two-bathroom abode but continued refining the design until the home was completely finished.

    “There are architects that draw a house and from then on they stick to the plan,” Pieter said. “In my office we are constantly looking for possibilities to make the project better during the whole process”. In this way, Pieter saw the project as a constant questioning process until completion.

    Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem

    “The grade of brutality in a project is often in consultation with the client. Even furniture, carpets, curtains and objects play a very big part in this play.”

    – Pieter Vanrenterghem

    Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem

    Pieter describes his style as very strict. In Project VV, the use of materials offers the home a ‘sense of humanity’ and steers it away from feeling like a showroom. Honing in on the materials’ tactility, Pieter specified travertine with its brutal treated surface, together with brushed wood in the kitchen. Throughout the home the designer also alternated light and dark oak, keeping to an earthy palette. Softening these materials are the home’s furnishings, that include the Ch24 Wishbone chairs and Sofa by Flexform (available at Fanuli) and the hand knotted rug by JoV.

    Pieter makes one thing very clear; his studio don’t design homes for a ‘nice portfolio’, but to make people happy. ” I am lucky to serve my clients with the style I have made my own,” Pieter said and with this approach, he has achieved beyond his clients’ expectations.

    Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem
    Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem
    Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem

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    We recommend reaching out to Pieter Vanrenterghem to find out more on the bar stools in this project.


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