Tanner Architects

Tanner Architects

Tanner Architects is an established, smaller architects practice based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Founded by Stuart Tanner in 2001, the practice views design as a wholistic pursuit, where time is invested to understand the qualities of site, a buildings relationship to place and how architecture can curate the experience.

Project context, either urban, rural landscape or coastal margin, greatly inform Tanner Architects’ processes and they strive to reflect this relationship within their work. They take an exploratory approach to the spatial arrangement & materials of their buildings and encourage their clients to engage with them on this journey.

Sustainability is an integral facet of any design Tanner Architects undertake. The impact of a particular project is considered as a combination of factors, such as scale and influence over the broader context, in addition to its passive heating and cooling ability. Containment of built scale is one of the primary drivers that underpin their approach to sustainability.

Tanner Architects view contemporary architecture as a pivotal ingredient to a rich environmental culture and a vitally important aspect of better place making in future society.

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