Robson Rak

Robson Rak

Robson Rak are an established, award winning firm who offer you a holistic design service of architecture, interior design, and interior decoration. Each project they design shares a common emphasis on innovative design, longevity, sustainability, and client value. They consistently strive to challenge the architectural process to find new solutions, processes, and ways to live. Influenced by site, program, budget or other parameters Robson Rak are  committed to making every project unique, real and story telling.

Kathryn Robson; principal architect comes from an extensive working history in Europe and Australia. Chris Rak; principal interior designer, has contributed to cutting edge design in leading Melbourne design offices, which followed a multi disciplinarian fine art background. Their experience, personalities and shared perfectionism combine to create a stimulating and productive collaboration, where material and craftsmanship result in timeless and elegant architecture and interior design.

Robson Rak’s commitment is to the design of residential and commercial spaces that ultimately provide the user with a sense of warmth and well-being; spaces that make the user feel good. With that comes an architecture that is easy to maintain and nourishes the user for years to come.



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