Nicolas Schuybroek Architects

Nicolas Schuybroek Architects

In 2011, Nicolas Schuybroek started his own practice based in Brussels, Belgium, with a well defined purpose: create and produce architecture, interiors and objects characterised by an acute sense of detail, craftsmanship and intuition, while retaining a feeling of warmth. The search for timeless minimalism and apparent simplicity are central in his work, as well as the love of unassuming, tactile and raw materials. There’s no straining for effect in his work—just a muted elegance. The essence of his work is to conceive serene and pure, yet extremely warm and authentic spaces. While his architecture is often described as monastic and minimalistic, it is surprisingly sophisticated and it always has a soul.

His works explores a sharp vision of space and materials. Most people recognize Nicolas’ hand through his rigorous and contextual approach: embracing the essence of built forms, from the roughest construction to the smallest interior details.

Nicolas projects range from renovations, new-builds and interior design of residential projects, offices, hotels, retail spaces to the design of objects. Demonstrating a considered approach and understanding to each individual need, both in terms of exterior and interior architecture and design.


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