Megan Hounslow

Megan Hounslow

Megan Hounslow’s multi-disciplinary studio is driven by the pursuit of elegant and enduringly sustainable design.

The qualities of existing spaces, the building history and character are considered with sensitivity and respect. Similarly, each object, furniture piece and material the studio curates speaks of this careful ethos. They endeavour to tread lightly on the environment while leaving a lasting impression through their interiors.

Fascinated by the way the spaces we inhabit can positively influence our quality of life, Megan Hounslow and her team find tangible ways to promote wellness through responsive, human-centred design. Whether an engaging eatery, a boutique venue or an inspired home, all are vibrantly reflective and supportive of the lived experiences within.

Parallel to her design work, Megan’s active art practice fuels a tactile expression of texture, colour, and composition. This first hand appreciation for the creative process inspires close collaborations with expert artisans on her interior projects, resulting in unique, skilfully hand-crafted details.

PROJECTS BY Megan Hounslow

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