Fleur Delesalle

Fleur Delesalle

Fleur Delesalle’s work is a hymn to freshness, finesse and lightness.

A training at the Chelsea College of Art in London, at the ESAG Penninghen in Paris and then 6 years alongside the Iranian-Egyptian designer India Mahdavi exalted Fleur Delesalle to create interiors where architecture and design come together to reveal the intrinsic potential of each space.

She founded the Fleur Delesalle Agency in 2011 where DPLG architects, designers, interior designers collaborate and puts this multi-disciplinarity at the service of prestigious institutions, luxury commercial and residential projects.

Fleur Delesalle is driven by attention to detail magnified by craftsmanship. She designs timeless interiors, highlighted by a meticulous selection of unique pieces. Each project is a new opportunity to explore the variations of a strong identity, tinged with poetry and elegance.

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