Brahman Perera

Brahman Perera

With boundless creative energy and an entrepreneurial spirit, establishing a solo interior design studio was a natural progression for Brahman Perera. Building upon a creative foundation in fashion and architecture for many years, Brahman established his own practice in early 2020. Brahman has since developed a portfolio spanning across residential, workplace, retail and hospitality, each expressing his layered and personalised approach to interiors.

Brahman approaches interior design as a pursuit in experiential beauty. He applies an artistic lens to carefully compose natural textures, rich colour pairings and sculptural gestures, producing balanced and compelling interiors meticulously layered with personal touches. His value for personal expression is visible in his experimental lighting, furniture and textile designs, imbuing his projects with unique character, sentiment and authenticity. Empathic by nature, Brahman connects with his clients’ identities and harnesses design as an act of storytelling.

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