Atelier du Pont

Atelier du Pont

Atelier du Pont is constantly reflecting on new ways of living, working and relaxing to create spaces that are creative, inspiring, and which feel, simply put, just right. Each project is a new adventure that takes inspiration from the local geography, climate, savoir-faire, and craftsmanship. This approach is necessarily renewed with each project, and it is this sense of spark and creativity that makes this studio unique.

The projects involve all disciplines at all scales, from architecture to interior design and decoration, furniture, artistic direction, space planning. This comprehensive approach is its great strength. Atelier du Pont is also committed to designing environmentally friendly spaces, and to do so, it uses bio-and geo-sourced materials and privileges energy independence and a solidarity-minded economy.

Anne-C├ęcile Comar and Philippe Croisier, the two founding partners, have surrounded themselves with a dynamic team of roughly 35 talented professionals who come from very diverse backgrounds. Together, they have won a number of French and international prizes and awards. The interior design team consists of seven people.

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